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  1. Had mine done after having one or to bits fitted. It now drives like it's on rails and I should know having just drove it to South Spain and back
  2. John2000

    Thanks again

    Hi Russ Please pass on my thanks for another job well done
  3. John2000

    Revolution Leeds

    I'm there now for same, ims but they found I needed a new flywheel as well I've not been very lucky or stupid depending on how you look at it but I agreed with you your in very good hands when you go to Revolution Porsche
  4. John2000

    Yet another big thank you to Russ and Gareth

    Hi Russ, Yes I do feel it's more special and safer now. I also feel like it's a new car under the old body now and that's not surprising because of the amount of work and parts Joe had to replace. See you the next time. John
  5. I dont think Revolution Porsche needs yet another write up about how good they are but I just had to say a big thanks to Russ and Gareth and their team with a special mention for Joe. They had to pull another late night out the bag to be able to fix the faults they found for me to be able to drive home safely two days later, yes the list was that long but they managed to do it. So a big thank you to you all. John
  6. John2000

    A-Plan Thatcham Specialist Discounts

    Hi Clare, I did first take out my insurance with another branch of so this week it was up for renewal so I called your branch a d asked for yoyo but told your WAY on holiday so talked to someone else who said they would contact the branch j was with and get back to me. The next day the branch I was with rang me and said he was aware I had called the other branch so I confirmed i was waiting for then go get back to me. The next day he called again to say he talked to the Thatam branch and they could noit beat the quote they had given me so I renewed again with your other A-Plan branch.
  7. Is your car red I chatted to a guy that had a red boxster last December was that you?