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  1. That986

    Zunsport grills

    No worries, glad it worked.
  2. That986

    Zunsport grills

    Neither did i until my thumb started to hurt from pushing, lol.
  3. That986

    Zunsport grills

    Yup, i had to resort to 2 screwdrivers in the end. One levering the grille, one pushing the tab.
  4. That986

    Zunsport grills

    Fitted one to the front of the MX and that took some pushing and more force than i was happy with, works well though now it's in place.
  5. That986

    Doors frozen

    I've used that stuff for years, great product.
  6. That sounds a bit more positive mate, hope it comes good in the end.
  7. That986

    Help - Damaged wheel locking bolt security socket

    And if they can do it imagine how quick a practiced thief can do it.
  8. That986

    Help - Damaged wheel locking bolt security socket

    Yup, and if they do want your wheels they'll just take the whole car anyway.
  9. That986

    They've written my 986 off

    I'd say that's a bit undervalued really.
  10. That986

    Adding additional miles

    Certainly does. Although we're quite lucky in the missus bought the house in the 90s for a normal price, heading for 9x that original price now.
  11. That986

    Adding additional miles

    Haha, oh i wish. Well the first part isn't too bad.
  12. That986

    Adding additional miles

    Cost of living in the big smoke i'm afraid.
  13. That986

    Adding additional miles

    10000 miles, London, 43 years old, £800.
  14. That986

    Adding additional miles

    Had to do the same with HIC, wasn't a problem. They just worked out the difference and told me what to pay which tbh wasn't a lot.