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  1. They've written my 986 off

    I'd say that's a bit undervalued really.
  2. Adding additional miles

    Certainly does. Although we're quite lucky in the missus bought the house in the 90s for a normal price, heading for 9x that original price now.
  3. Adding additional miles

    Haha, oh i wish. Well the first part isn't too bad.
  4. Adding additional miles

    Cost of living in the big smoke i'm afraid.
  5. Adding additional miles

    10000 miles, London, 43 years old, £800.
  6. Adding additional miles

    Had to do the same with HIC, wasn't a problem. They just worked out the difference and told me what to pay which tbh wasn't a lot.
  7. Works a treat in my 2000 S. Cheers.
  8. How To: Bring your Dash Speakers up to spec

    I wanted to see what was in the fitting kit to get an idea of what's involved. After looking at it i'll diy.
  9. How To: Bring your Dash Speakers up to spec

    Cheers for that.
  10. How To: Bring your Dash Speakers up to spec

    Does anyone have a link for the alpine kit?
  11. Adrian Flux - superb!

    Same experience here. Great while they're taking your money for years on end, utter shyatee when you want to change anything. And yes i had an extortionate cancellation fee. When i swapped from the beetle to the Boxster they wanted nearly £2k a year for insurance. Now granted I do live in London so i expect to pay more but not 5 times more!!!!!! Ended up with HIC and paying just under £800 which for where i live is a good deal. Just be wary of Flux. They are masters at charging for everything, £65 for adding the other half on to my last car even though the premium went up a little bit as well for instance.