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  1. I received my £25 this week, so whilst a bonus not to be sniffed at, I’m feeling a bit peeved with Admiral. I’ve asked for an OEM windscreen to be fitted Due to stone chip damage and I’ve been advised by Autoglass that the insurance company won’t pay, so unless I agree to pay just over £500 I will have to make do with what they would normally supply. The reason they have given is that my car is over 4 years old, so they will now be on my blacklist of companies not to be used in future!
  2. Sorry to hear it Bud, been through it 3 times in total, keep the faith and hopefully everything will work out, plus you can keep Alice. Good luck
  3. Obvs ? nothing out the ordinary for me, 59 at the mo, use it for pleasure and the odd commute now and again, use of second car at home, years of no claims, no convictions etc. Just requested 7.5k for mileage as a European Tour can easily add 2,5 - 3k
  4. Well it just gets better..... after spending what seemed like ages having to fill in a form for manning last night, I get a call this morning to say it’s around £950 ?. I’ve stopped giggling now and realised he was serious!
  5. So my renewal from Admiral came through at £417, thought I’d do a confused search and nothing came up cheaper. Tried Saga and got a quote for £268 which seems much better. Before I hit the button, I thought I would try Locktons to see what ball park they would be in, got a call today to say it would be around the £750 mark, so that would be a big NO from me, especially as I’m one week away from a big birthday!
  6. Not had a problem on iPad or iPhone for a while
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