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  1. One year. I previously had both the McCann and Box on a single policy with Admiral, changed to LV for the McCann and Saga for the box last year. Renewal for McCann came in, up by only a couple of quid - fair enough, but Saga put the arm in.
  2. My Saga policy increased by over £200 when the renewal notice came in. Quick shop around and I got it the same price as last year elsewhere. Why don't insurance companies want to retain good customers?
  3. Totally agree. Why don't they reward loyal customers who renew automatically? My Admiral multi car policy went up by £600 in BOTH years following a claim where our second car was hit while stationery - we didn't even claim; We are now with Saga and LV for less than half the price quoted for exactly the same cover.
  4. Just seeing this thread now - and glad it has all worked out for you. Wife took voluntary redundancy once but she had secured a new job before she left. However about 18 month later she was made redundant from that job, and it was really, really hard. Took her about 5 months to get back into work again and each day as I left for work I really felt bad. She's in full time work now, but has a pretty long commute into Belfast each morning which isn't good. At least she's in a Macan! Best wishes with the new job. Onwards and upwards.
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