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  1. Corkery11

    A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    A great film ..... especially as my Dad had said the exact same 20 years before it came out. A great place ..... especially this bit, De Vlaamsche Pot.
  2. Corkery11

    A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    Hah, sorry just read your post properly! Not Brussels this time but Ypres, Brugge and Ghent as well as a stop off at Maarkedal
  3. Corkery11

    A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    Will do, I'm always ready for a good breakfast. Manneken ...... is that near Mr Carnewals place? Heard and read good things about him as well as Revolution.
  4. Corkery11

    A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    Hah, obviously didn't have the skills myself but they talked me though it. Will sort some pis when I get back. To be honest Europe bit of an exaggeration, more like Northern France and Belguim.
  5. Strange title I know. Got myself a 987 a few months ago after a lengthy search and loving it. However I'm not "your typical Porsche owner" if you accept that description as having a vast car fund. In fact I took a punt on Porsche ownership due to the fact that BoXa.net was showing that a typical owner is not at all typical. It also showed me that a Boxster can be worked on to a reasonable degree. Also I like to tinker as well as to save the money for when I need to take the car to those with the skills to take on more complex tasks. Another tick in the Porsche box was I had heard and read good things about Revolution at Brighouse and as I live near Leeds I thought they would be able to pull the Porker fat out of the fire when I eventually do have a mechanical trauma. Anyhow, thought it would be a good idea to do an oil and coolant change along with a new water pump, thermostat and serpentine belt as I'm off to Europe for a bit of a road trip and the water pump sounded a bit rumbly. I have a four poster lift in the back garden so how hard can it be? Four poster car lift .... I must be loaded you say. It was £300 off Ebay and you may well be seeing my obituary soon when it flattens me but thats a different story and its bloody great. Got everything finished in an hour or two but when started up I had a flashing temperature warning light and thermometer symbol along with a failure message. Tried flushing coolant and refilling again with the same result. Various internet searches pointed towards a coolant level sensor or temperature sensor. Changed temperature sensor with no joy and now starting to panic. Phoned Revolution and was impressed that as well as a the usual services you can select they had a "Technical Helpline". For free? Well it was, but after a brief chat they pointed me in the direction of Revolution at Birstall as they are closer to me. Would they be as good I wondered as the "original", well it turned out Danny, the guy on the other end of the phone was my knight in oily armour. He reckoned I still had air in the system and explained how best to bleed it. Failing this he gave me a good quote to bleed it for me. Then I thought I saw the Sales Pitch catch. He advised against driving it as I could damage the engine. I asked how much would they charge to recover it from mine to theirs expecting to have to pay in instalments over the next year or two but again the cost was very reasonable and he reassured me if I followed his instructions I probably won't need them to do it. Did as instructed, lots of escaping bubbles later and I am one happy customer, if I can be called that considering I paid nothing to Revolution. However I certainly will be a customer in the future and am chuffed to be in this neck of the woods with Revolution Porsche nearby in what my kids call "Gods own county". I am embarassed about this as they clearly don't fully appreciate the charms and qualities of the Midlands. Presumably the staff at Revoultion were all born in Coventry? So once again a big "Thanks" to Revolution Porsche in general and Danny in particular!!
  6. Corkery11

    A-Plan Insurance - member discounts

    Thanks Clare / Kirsty, got it and will be in touch when I have a definite date to collect the car .... can't wait! Mark
  7. Corkery11

    A-Plan Insurance - member discounts