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  1. A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    Awesome customer service Enjoy the car!
  2. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Love things like this, nice work
  3. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Sounds good John I wonder if holes could be added to make it as good as the Mesh one but without the visibility limitations..?
  4. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Slightly off topic but anyone know if the Cayman GT4 diffuser fits the Boxster?
  5. I price matched Sainsbury against Tesco 3.3 APR Porsche couldn't get close despite saying they would match it..
  6. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Ooooo nice one! That looks excellent. Wish I hadnt spent £95 last week now.....