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  1. RAC often have flash sales. £75 PA for personal cover - home / roadside / recovery.
  2. Question - can people see the pics on this or not?
  3. My current car is insured with NFU, as was my previous one. Had a good experience with them when my blue car was written off.
  4. @mickemo, what is your excess wih NFU out of interest? There's an additional £500 'performance car' or similar excess on my policy bringing the total to £1k. The policy itself was reasonable considering I'm under 30 and don't have a clean licence. And are you saying they provide unlimited cover on the roof?
  5. Does anyone have the torque settings for the seatbelt anchor point? I need to remove and dry out / replace my carpet at some point. This how-to has given me a bit more confidence and inclination to tackle with a friend and some beers
  6. I noticed that too - did make me chuckle I wonder if you'd get different prices from the dealer depending on what car it was for. Probably not. But it reminds me of the 986 gearbox mounts - apparently the same as 993 gearbox mounts, but has a bracket in addition. If you ask for a 986 mount, you'll pay quite a bit - they don't sell the bracket and mounts separately. 993 mounts are much cheaper and you simply unscrew the old ones from the original bracket and replace with the 993 items!
  7. Also, didn't realise a new microswitch was so expensive: http://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod129758/Porsche-Front-Bonnet-Opener-Microswitch-99661320600/ Definitely winning!
  8. I had an issue with the front boot light. This generally doesn't work but I have seen it on once in a blue moon. The bulb was fine when swapped with the rear boot and my multimeter was saying zero volts. Also, the alarm wouldn't beep if locked with the boot open. I suspected the microswitch in the locking mechanism. Before buying a new one, I investigated. The methods outlined below are correct for earlier 986s with manually (cable vs electrical) operating front boots, but should be fairly similar to later cars. Again, this is only a guide. Caveat emptor, you are your own warranty.
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