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  1. MIkeyv60

    Zunsport grills

    This may help John?
  2. Its not just speed also depends on the force . Some offer some just send the ticket
  3. Some companies ask and some it affects premiums etc . You should always declare everything.
  4. I'm with LV and its £575 a year, didnt go for the lowest and was advised as who to use and the cr%p ones by my friend who work in an insurance claims department.
  5. Very impressed You've done a cracking job. I was happy to help you out. I treated myself to a nice pint of Tea from the Hoggs Back brewery with your kind generosity. Put a Porsche logo in the middle and you could tell?
  6. Ive just had to alter my insurance with one month remaining for my 718 and it cost me £7.58 result even with an outstanding claim. Im not into Saga territory yet until later in the year, but have been told to stay well clear of them. I passed my bike test at 17 years and 5 weeks then sold my 125 for a brand new VF500 , they were doing an offer of £99 insurance then when i went to renew for the second year it was £1600 !!!!!! which was more than the bike was worth, so back to a 250.
  7. Ive used ALA as well, but i have no idea how good they as touch wood i have never had to use them. Their defaqto rating is 5 star. You don't know how good an insurance company is until you have to use them. Avoid Coop, Saga!!! I have back to Invoice cover. I looked at there alloy wheel insurance but in the small print they don't cover diamond cut wheels. How competitive is the Porsche car insurance? As i believe you get an experience day with it?
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