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  1. 10 minutes ago, Happy Days said:

    I must be thick. Our Macan has PDK - pull only. Right for up a gear, left for down. What is all this pushing you are talking about? Surely the levers on the 718 are the same as the Macan, ie pull only?

    We are taking about the stick not the paddles on the steering wheel. The pdk in the macan is not the same as the boxster pdk . The macan is actually the vw group one and although called pdk is actually the dsg box.

    The boxster one along with the 911 was developed by ZF

  2. 2 hours ago, Davidbf1.com said:

    Yep, was wondering for a while why it wouldn’t change using the lever, and realised I was pushing/pulling it the wrong way. Moot point anyhow as i very rarely use the big stick if I’m non-manual it’s always on the paddles. 

    Appreciate the comments from all others comparing with other vehicles, motorbikes etc, but my 981 seems right to me - push forward to go to a taller gear as you’re pushing forward speed-wise, and pull back when you’re on the anchors and looking for some engine-braking, and decreasing speed. Appreciate I may be the black sheep on this one!

    As most rally, touring cars are pull for up and push for down i was on the understanding when breaking hard its easier to push for down as the momentum is pushing you forward anyway

  3. 28 minutes ago, GTSMarky said:

    Nice to know - my BGTS isn't going anywhere until I see the Boxster/Cayman 6....

    Id wait to hear it ... it wont sound like previous na6 if thats important to you

  4. On 6/30/2019 at 12:18 AM, Jonttt said:

    FWIW I have just sold my 981 GTS.....

    Bought it in Feb 2017 from OPC Leicester for £55k with 10.5k miles

    I’ve sold it to Bolton OPC for a price I was very happy with, they bought it off pics and spec and they have it up for just under £56k with c16k miles ie its up for more now than when I bought it !

    There have been very few 981 BGTS for sale this year, around 4-6 at any one time and they have been selling quickly. Very few in the OPC network and Bolton where pretty keen to get mine 😉

    Its been a fantastic and cheap car to run for 2.5 years, the total cost of ownership has been very low and smiles per miles massive. Anyone who says 981 GTS are not holding values does not know the market 😉

    They have dropped the price of it already. Some of the dealers had 2 to 3 cars but held them back as they wanted to shift a certain model and keep availablity low and prices high

  5. 3 hours ago, zagamuffin said:

    went out this morning and dash volts showed 12.7 for first 5 miles of travel so suspected alternator issue maybe but then popped up to 13.9 and stayed there all journey b????


    All sounds good ref the charging 

  6. 7 hours ago, Jonttt said:

    Mmmmm I can’t get another 981 and the 718 route just is not for me.

    So that leaves a 987 I would not mind trying, black edition would make sense but would need to be the right spec. I test drove one but it was ropey and engine light came on during the road test so was not for me. I think I’ll enjoy the search for a while and try and get a 718 Spyder slot lol (now its confirmed its not the turbo engine)

    I like that they have left the Zunsport grilles on LOL

  7. 9 hours ago, zagamuffin said:

    Ah, new to Porsche, would have seen 13.5/13.9v in all my previous cars .read here that slightly reduced voltage play havoc with systems....


    well ive fully charged the battery and it’s now closed the roof so co-incidence or was that the issue, I’ll monitor and not open roof away from home for a bit

    A 12v battery is a 12v battery whatever car its in. When are you getting that reading? During charging state yes expect that reading . At fully charged battery at rest is around 12.7 v

  8. 55 minutes ago, zagamuffin said:

    So first problem with my new 981 ,well second as got a puncture 24hrs after collecting it.The roof has stopped opening halfway through travel,car has some history of this issue and has had some parts changed at Porsche Tewksbury,unfortunately they won’t tell me what parts due to data protection ??.

    car was sent into them pre purchase to sort it out and they returned the car without report so thought it was sorted.

    i checked the battery voltage as it had a new battery at the same dealer two months ago and it’s down at 12.9 which is a little low so I’m charging as we speak.Anyone know the procedure to close it manually in case the charged battery doesn’t sort it ?




    Low voltage . a fully charged battery is 12.7 volts?

  9. On 6/29/2019 at 11:04 PM, Malcolm E Box said:

    The 2013 981 Boxster I had was fitted with TPMS as standard.

    I believe it was an option until it became mandatory from Jan 1st 2015 , i think 981 builds from July 2014 had them as std.

    It also an mot failure now if they arent working properly and im never to sure on the battery life of them?

  10. 4 hours ago, temporarychicken said:

    If you're not in the game then there's no chance at all...

    Its just not going to as limited as some hope it to be? If sound is important to you id wait to hear one first? I think a few will hold out for the pdk version and not take up their place in the q?

  11. 2 hours ago, temporarychicken said:

    Good luck getting that phone call then!

    Already spoken to dealer and no allocations from Porsche yet, but did say more are going to be produced than the previous 981 gt4. Yes very unlikely to get one of the first production runs but if you are happy to wait a year who knows?

  12. On 6/19/2019 at 11:27 AM, temporarychicken said:

    When I bought my 981 new from the dealership six years ago, I enquired casually about special edition models, such as the then forthcoming Spyder.

    I was told that the book was closed for years ahead. Letters of intent had been accepted on literally anything, and deposits taken accordingly years in advance.

    The fact is, Porsche Main Dealers don't just want to sell their limited allocation of these cars once for 75k. They intend to sell them once for 75k, and then again in a few months for 95k or whatever the market will subsequently bear.

    It's a triple-win for Main Dealers - early deposit in their hands, and two profit margins - all for a single vehicle. 'Flippers' is exactly the right word for the mechanism by which this is achieved.

    The number of Porsches purchased from any Main Dealer that are required in order to become part of this privileged band of flippers - I have no idea.

    I dont know where this info comes from as when i enquired over a year ago the opc put me on a interested list but wouldnt or couldn't take a deposit for it .When they have an allocation they then work through the list first come first served to a certain extent. 

    This is not a super limited car ? Less cayman gts have been sold than gt4s and the 718 gt4 the production run is longer.


  13. I bought MY66BOX to go on my car but it got delayed so ended up a 17 plate so never put it on. Im after a plate on ebay but the guy wont budge on £3k even though hes had it for sale for 2 years and regtransfers have only valued it at £800 ! My son has KR 15 SMH and i have T600MES on my van , any Egyptian Pharoes out there?

    Did bid on SM17THY but that went for over £8k plus fees.

  14. On a few websites its does say " Unlike before, production for these cars won't be limited "


    Also from Car website " One thing we learned from the last GT4 is a lot of people couldn’t get one. Now we’re really proud enthusiasts can buy the car, rather than write letters. We’re not limited in a way, we will have a longer production run than before, and we wanted to keep it in the same price range.’ "


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  15. 1 hour ago, daz05 said:

    Not likely to have helped the situation but i was asking because the 1st owner was Porsche GB and from a PR perspective it may help prompt some goodwill if it was sold through the network.

    Sounds like the dealer is working with you and not against you that will count for a lot.

    They are highly maintained warmed up correctly and arent even at 60% capacity when driving around the track.you cant over rev them  . The fastest i went was a ton down the back straight. Id be more worried about a car that had been used on the track tbh then still within its capabilities 

  16. 17 hours ago, Greenman said:

    Humm, not really the right analogy at all!

    The failed spark plug was supplied and fitted by Porsche, they decided to use that particular manufacturer and model of plug and they installed it, your contract is with Porsche, they assume responsibility for all the parts they  on the car.

    What contract do you have with them . No lifetime guarantee of the part. Its not in warranty neither is the car . All you are hoping for is a goodwill gesture they are under no obligation

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  17. Never had any luck for the fit for purpose part of the sale of goods act, had a £600 tv fail after 14 months, no one interested unless i took them to court at great expense with a slim chance of winning, then if i did a fight to get costs back!

    They have all sorts of get out clauses and all the time its costing you money which you are unlikely to get back Fingers crossed for you.Maybe as no issues were felt by you put a new plug in and move the car on ?

  18. 1 hour ago, Greenman said:

    As Stu67 says above, 

    the spark plugs have 4 legs so I assume that one such leg has come off and ended up in the cylinder presumably leading to some bore scoring and maybe piston and ring damage. I can only assume that the plug was damaged (dropped) on initial assembly and subsequent heat cycles have resulted in it failing.  Obviously the car has been running fine (I.e firing all 6 cylinders) so the damage can’t be severe, what has oil consumption been like?

    Again depends on the type of plugs fitted,  not all are the 4 legged.

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