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  1. 2 minutes ago, Menoporsche said:

    Not sure what the ETSC is referring to, but the agreement recently discussed and approved by the European Parliament was a soft version of that where it just ended up as a reminder, beeping at you if you went over the limit.  Some countries wouldn't sign the law if it involved actually controlling your speed.  As I say, progress will ultimately get there, but it wasn't in the EU law at this stage.

    We had this discussion a month or two ago.

    Ok the info was from an article only  written only 2 weeks ago? etsc =The European Transport Safety Council 


  2. 40 minutes ago, Menoporsche said:

    You can have one for at least five years later, all it does is buzzes when you pass the limit, doesn't retard or anything.

    Are you sure?

    The ETSC say that these limiters work by using a “speed sign-recognition camera and/or GPS-linked speed limit data to advise drivers of the current speed limit and automatically limit the speed of the vehicle as needed.”

    “ISA systems do not automatically apply the brakes, but simply limit engine power preventing the vehicle from accelerating past the current speed limit unless overridden.”

    To make the move more popular, the ETSC proposes an on/off switch to be included at first, which would allow the system to be overridden by pushing hard on the accelerator.

    This override would allow motorists to speed up should circumstances need it, and could mean that stricter rules could be introduced in the future.

    The ETSC also suggests that “if the driver continues to drive above the speed limit for several seconds, the system should sound a warning for a few seconds and display a visual warning until the vehicle is operating at or below the speed limit again.”

    All new cars would also be equipped with data loggers to track the system under recommendations from the ETSC.


    Its the data logger that effectively you sign your own ticket? 

  3. On 4/20/2019 at 11:18 AM, Broxie said:

    Beaty to it … 😉

    Heard from OPC Porsche are looking at going back to 6 cylinder.


    I would say very unlikely as the investment will be into electric cars .

    If the speed limit inforcement comes into force in 2022 tbh whats the point of a fast car?

  4. On 11/30/2018 at 11:03 AM, CMA said:

    As long as you use Porsche Parts (buy from OPC and keep paperwork) You don't have to use the OPC for any servicing to maintain warranty, just need to use Porsche Parts.

    I thought they have to be fitted by a vat registered company?

  5. 1 hour ago, Greenman said:

    Yep Goodyear now. Michelin 18th to 31st.    19” and above it’s as I say £50 for 2, £100 for 4

    The Goodyear offer is different , shame they dont stock my sized tyre? I suppose you can order them

  6. 12 minutes ago, Greenman said:

    Your size should be available in N rating.

    note if you have Costco membership you will get £50 off two, £100 off four from 18/3-31/3 on Michelin.

    I thought it was Goodyear on offer at Costco at the moment?  and £100 off of 4 if 21" then sliding scale the smaller the tyre?

  7. 15 hours ago, perleman said:

    I am not in the habit of comparing new & old as it is pointless, the Boxster is new and likely very reliable etc, but £70k for a Boxster does put it up against some very impressive and exotic machines - R8 V10, GT3, 997TT, F430, V12 Vantage, Grantursismo MC Stradale, Gallardo, even Mc 12C is close.  Now I know these wil all cost a load to run for sure but still

    If you switch it around the 70k porsche looks good value against the others new price tag ?

  8. 4 hours ago, Greenman said:

    By the way, these are still perfectly legal. That outer groove is just a secondary groove and so does not need the 1.6mm depth, you can see your depth markers on that bottom pic and see there is still maybe 0.5mm before you get to them.

    Anyway yes these are about due for changing and look not too dissimilar to my fronts currently which will be being changed in a couple of weeks.

    Thats very close the legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre.

  9. 2 hours ago, pgk188 said:

    Age wise, probably up to two years. Three sets of rear tyres were sent, two sets were not new, in that the coloured wear bands had been worn away! The fitters had a name for this which I can't remember, but basically they thought they had been previously fitted to brand new cars which had been driven around compounds when the cars were delivered......then changed for tyres that the customer wanted....

    BC where hard work to deal with, l got stuck in endless phones queues. Eventually the problem was solved and they refunded me £30.

    A bit worrying that they are sending out used tyres as new?

  10. 23 minutes ago, daz05 said:

    No idea what you paid but for the asking price of that car it is reasonable to expect more than 3mm, you could mention that before completing their after sales survey and see what they are willing to offer.

    Nothing i would say as its In their terms and conditions of an approved used car  that it will have a minimum of 3mm tyre tread

    The Porsche Approved commitment means: Approved Porsches meet exacting standards both aesthetically and mechanicallyThe vehicle has been inspected in compliance with our 111-point checklistAll work has been performed by Porsche techniciansOnly Genuine Porsche parts are fitted to the carAll routine servicing and maintenance due within the next 3 months or 3,000 miles will have been carried out as a minimumA minimum of 12 months MOT*Fitment of N-rated Tyres to a minimum remaining tread depth of 3mmAssured electrical functionality and battery conditionBody refinishing to exacting standardsA full valet and final quality inspectionIndependent monitoring

  11. 3 minutes ago, Greenman said:

    That looks a decent enough buy for someone. 

    Glasses doesn’t really seem to tally with many Porsche’s IMO, I think in this case because the spec is low then maybe it aligned a bit better. Certainly in many cars extras don’t seem to make a huge difference once you are a few years down the line, but Porsche’s and Supercars in general seem a bit different and there can be a vast difference in price depending on spec. This I guess isn’t too hard to understand when you can easily put £15k-£20k of extras on even a Boxster. That makes a massive differance to the original Purchase price.  Just look on here at any thread of people looking and they invariably have a few ‘must haves’ in mind be it PDK, PASM, Bose, PSE, extended leather etc etc. 

    The above car does have Bose and Sat Nav but is missing many of the desirables, but will be a perfect spec for someone. I’d be amazed if it doesn’t sell quickly.

    Glass,s is a trade guide and they do refer to . The difference with Porsche is they have buyers on a list of cars that they have in up so basically can pay accordingly extra if they need to.

    With a good spec he knows he will get top price for it and an easy sale as you have said its must haves . Course it will sell . 2 year trouble free porsche motoring for £25k what else could you get for that money. Its what its worth so not bargain 

  12. 29 minutes ago, Scubaregs said:

    What is the point of having an extra 2k towards another car that you won't drive either to keep the mileage down/resale value?

    As the old saying goes,

    "Not driving your car to keep the miles down for resale value is like not sh*gg*ng your girl so she is tight for the next guy."

    Or keeping the car clean and tidy for the next owner.

    Not all are like you im afraid. Others think that there is no difference and get peeved when they get no where near that.

  13. 1 hour ago, topradio said:

    That certainly used to be the case at one time, and any dealer will tell you that when you want to sell, but I'm not sure it applies if you are buying from an OPC. They will often have the full specification in the window along with the original list price just so you can see that what they are charging can be justified. 

    Edit - to say that I'm referring to the bigger stuff here, PDK, PASM, PSE, PDLS, SC etc. the more personal things like embossed or carbon not so much.

    Probably opc are different as glass,s only add paint and auto other options dont interest them.

    But maybe not?when they did a pcp quote for my car the residual only changed when pdk leather and paint added, added all the other bits and its final price didnt increase. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Scubaregs said:

    So if doing 5k miles less a year, car would be worth £500 more per year. Hardly a reason to restrict your mileage. No point in owning a car to keep mileage down for resale.

    Yes totally agree but people do to keep value in the car . Obviously the more expensive the car the more the difference  . You may say its only £500 but lots moan about paying that in road fund licence . It could be an extra £2k after 3 years ownership towards your next car . Plus when you get the trade in value with all the extra miles customers just moan

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