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  1. I've just finished doing all my brake lines and they are not to hard but more fiddely to be honest. The front to rear can be a but funny as you do need to remove the inner plastic arch and I found it easier to remove the washer bottle. The hardest was the left to right front as it goes through a small area which has a few tight bends in it. The rear left to right goes across and round the engine bay and isn't hard at all. I'm sure if you have a few tools and have a bit of knowledge on cars you can do this job with not much hassle. If a pipe looks rusty replace it. I've seen a pipe that looks ok but just a little rust but did bust on the brake test. So lucky as it could have bust on my way home. Deffo change, don't sand and cover in grease.
  2. maybe add to the list, plug tube leaks. easy cheap fix too. post edited, just seen tubes on number 5
  3. mine does this after its warm, never when its cold, dont bother me to be honest but i do think your right with the clutch dust....
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