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  1. 986 Roof tension cable replacement

    How it sits now, which is better than the other side! I may as well do that one as it will probably snap at some point too
  2. 986 Roof tension cable replacement

    No worries I'm sure it will be fine
  3. 986 Roof tension cable replacement

    Just normal Loctite superglue. It seemed to do the trick but I will re-check in a day or so. As it was at the bottom I may wrap a bit of tape round to stop any water getting in. Ideally I'd have liked to just drill out the blockage but there wasn't enough movement in the hood to get a drill lined up
  4. 986 Roof tension cable replacement

    @S14This is exactly what happened to me this morning! About 3" from the bottom was blocked with rusted old cable. In the end I decided to dissect the pipe with a Stanley knife and removed the blockages. Once the new cable was in I simply glued the incision together. I made the cut on the inside of the pipe so it wasn't visible from the outside
  5. 986 Roof tension cable replacement

    Just checked my cable and it's snapped