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  1. Nope it will increase it only joking as insurance companies make their own rules up so who knows. All that matters is you get like for like cover ie what you need and what goes out your bank account 😉
  2. Protected no claims is just a gimmick IMO, its does not mean that your insured risk won't increase so all they do is increase that by more to offset the no claims discount ie they make up the rules....... Shop around every year, no matter what, insurance loyalty only get you ripped off........having said that I've been with classic line for a few years no. ITs a slightly different form of insurance so there is no, no claims discount but what matters at the end of the day is the cover and what goes out you bank account......worth giving them a shout as they are a small outfit (based in Hinkley) but used by a lot of Porsche owners around the country 😉
  3. Classic Line cover both my 993 and BGTS, by far the cheapest cover I could find for the two cars ;-)
  4. Fwiw my experience is your car would not entitle you to the allowance. The normal way around this is to try to simply negotiate it onto your salary but that may cause other internal issues for them. The other bonus is you would not get the reduced mileage rate that you would with a car allowance. Sometimes less on your salary but full mileage allowance is worth more in your pocket. Everyone's circumstances are different though. First world problems though as worst case is your same as you are now.
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