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  1. I understood @Ksetch was referring to a 2003 986 which will be out of warranty by now. I was simply advising I had done this for a complete winter with my 2001 986 and it started first turn at the end of the winter and both the car and battery were fine. If your car is in warranty then you should follow the manufacturers instructions and consult Porsche direct if in doubt.
  2. I kept my old 986 on the CTEK charger through the winter, simply connect to the plus and minus sides of the battery and as @richardjjssays connect the CTEK leads to the battery and leave them there ready to plug in when required. You can even add a small device which will tell you when it needs to be charged.
  3. So this could potentially help diagnose what is wrong with the air con ?
  4. That's Brilliant, thank you so much
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