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  1. Hi are your zunsport grills up for sale? Just replied to my ad on winter wheels! 

    Your new car looks amazing great colour! I have bought a 2008 2.7 987 in cobalt blue great car. Anything to check on mine or preventative maintenance as I no you have had a Yellow beauty, I had a similar colour JENSEN Healey for nearly 16 years before my family come along. 


         Steven (arl30)

  2. Hi hopefully buying a 987 2.7 on Wednesday next week which is the best / cheapest to go with on insurance ? Only want names I have herd of not billy baileys uncle !
  3. Hi has the car had the IMS done or does it not effect the later cars ? any more pictures as I am in Cumbria so a bit of a trek ? any problems that you can think of ? 

     New to Porsche have seen a nice low mileage 3.2s 986 but a mate says that the 987 are better to go with !



  4. Hi were abouts are you in the country? Has the ims problem been adressed? 

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