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  1. richardjjs

    Battery charging

    permanently attach the lead to the battery then attach to the charger through the top of the bonnet under the windscreen you can then leave it there permanently ready to connect if required JOB DONE!
  2. Thats the one You might not need it but
  3. Most important is how you do the oil change Make sure you leave the Sump Plug of for at least half an hour to drain properly Once you have done this Fill the filter with Oil (5W 40) and replace. Replace and tighten the Sump Plug Drop the car and fill with 85% of the required Oil. Leave about 20 minutes before checking the level If its over 1/2 on the dip stick OR ReadOut start the engine and turn off Leave another 20 minutes and slowly top it up DO NOT OVERFILL as this can cause seals to blow Ater Boxsters need the engine running to check the level THESE ARE DIFFERENT
  4. Not done a starter motor But its basically the same engine I think the covers underneath are slightly different
  5. Look under you passenger seat Is it wet. The main Control Unit is here MAYBE the problem If its wet Get it completely dry And check under the palce where the roof drops into to make sure the Drain holes are not blocked Hope its not this as it can cost a fortune
  6. Sorry its no something I have done before Don't frget the wheel will cover many of the blemishes
  7. Not as easy as you would think It does POP of but if you don't want to damage it!
  8. richardjjs

    Doors frozen

    Most Important BEFORE you try and open it spray windscreen antifreeze around the windows. Locking mechanism should not freeze in this country Heat key slightly if lock is frozen REgards
  9. If either of the keys don't work Put it in the ignition turn 1 turn Press the main button and hold it in a few seconds later it will al start working Impressed by quality of kets
  10. He great Post You forget no 4 - Change the Car!! Pretty certain there is a similar switch on the Brake for an Auto DO NOT short this out as starting in gear could be fatal
  11. So its the spindle that is broken NOT the knob Is the knob OK. AS a last resort I think I would buy a new knob and use epoxy glue to fix it. I know its a bit drastic but if it works it would save a new/s/h unit Good luck
  12. No idea on the Rof colour but it is imperative that you seal the roof as soon as possible or not let the car get wt until you die AND seal it Good luck and enjoy the car Richard
  13. AS been mentioned its all very easy Get retention on old PLate (THis is OK unless the car has been off the road in last 12 months or recently acquired In this case you have to do it on line but will take a few days DVLA DEal with the TAX and MOT TAX will be refuned when you sell the car or declare it off the road ADvise Insurance if necessary I personally would get my car get it running on its old plate then transfer the plate (Free) when its all sorted (TEll the Insurance company what you are doing should be no charge) Are you SELLING the car or SOLD it Have you BOUGHT a new car or BUYING IT
  14. Have a look at www.101projects.com/Boxster/1.htm this is from the book 101projects for you Porsche Boxster 986/987 BUT beware lots of the book only SHOWS the 986. For instance it talks about adjusting the hand brake cable which is wrong but on the whole the book is a great purchase (see eBay
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