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  1. Darkstar

    Renewal Time Madness

    Mrs Dark drives a JAG with more power and straight line speed than my 986. Just saying. Oh and I am not allowed to drive it.
  2. Just renewed our multicar insurance with Admiral for £632 to cover my 2.5 986, 2.2TD Galaxy and the wife's Jaguar 3.0D XF. That's £28 more than last year but we had a mondeo then instead of the Jag. Original quote was over £800 due to the Jag but they offered a large discount to keep me happy.
  3. Darkstar

    Warranty Renewal

    O% cards still exist but most come with a one of transfer fee of about 3%. I got a Sainsbury card that's totally free for 25 months a couple of months ago. Have a look on money.co.uk
  4. Darkstar

    Late MOT

    There were not so many number plate recognition cameras around back then. I have noticed there are less SORN vans around probably because most police cars are fitted with cameras now. This is something I am very much in favour of as the more uninsured or non MOT cars we get off the roads the safer the roads will be and a lot quite if the reported numbers of uninsured drivers is correct.
  5. Darkstar

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    I really strugged for quite some time to work this one out but finally cracked it. See not as daft as I look.