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  1. Darkstar

    Warranty Renewal

    O% cards still exist but most come with a one of transfer fee of about 3%. I got a Sainsbury card that's totally free for 25 months a couple of months ago. Have a look on money.co.uk
  2. Darkstar

    Late MOT

    There were not so many number plate recognition cameras around back then. I have noticed there are less SORN vans around probably because most police cars are fitted with cameras now. This is something I am very much in favour of as the more uninsured or non MOT cars we get off the roads the safer the roads will be and a lot quite if the reported numbers of uninsured drivers is correct.
  3. Darkstar

    First visit to Revolution

    It's only is a problem when they are 100+ miles away. If 10 to 30 miles then easy trip there and back in morning in time for work and if they need to keep it more than a day no problem.
  4. Darkstar

    First visit to Revolution

    RPM Technik has teamed-up with Enterprise to offer courtesy cars to cover a wide range of vehicle sizes, types and budgets. Your chosen courtesy car is collected from us and dropped back at RPM for a quick and efficient handover. All cars are fully insured through Enterprise’s own insurance policy. RPM has negotiated preferential rates, and your courtesy car can be available from as little as £20+VAT per day. I don' suppose Revolution has a similar deal.
  5. Darkstar

    First visit to Revolution

    What do you do with yourself while your car is being serviced.
  6. Darkstar

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    I really strugged for quite some time to work this one out but finally cracked it. See not as daft as I look.