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  1. Well that's me jinxed. Just shot past a van doing 36 in a 30 zone. Window was open but camera way back in van. Two weeks sitting watching the letter box.
  2. It does not make any difference at renewal but they have you over a barrel just now. Try and take her insurance elsewhere and they will hike your other polices stay and they demand silly money. 20+ years ago mine didn't care.
  3. You must be a really bad boy, I have a 3.4SE and they only charged me £313 and I had just written of my 3.2S back in November.
  4. I received my £75 refund this morning. Thank you Admiral.
  5. Similar here but with Nationwide and Green Flag for £13 per month, £156 per year, and that includes world wide travel insurance, phone insurance, etc. Breakdown is full European cover.
  6. I had an email yesterday to say mine was processed but could take up to 14 days to reach my account.
  7. I received the email at the weekend and thought it might be a personalised email as the deadline date of 20th April was also my renewal date. I did receive the usual overinflated quote which after a quick phone call was reduced by £230. So £900 for three cars and the house for a year. The Boxster was the most expensive this year for a change but I think my little indiscretion might be the cause of that. Still £75 to look forward to for the end of May.
  8. Statistically you are more likely to have an accident getting your car in and out of a garage than any other parking place. I should know, my dad drove right through our garage one night. It was wooden and was replaced with a brick payed for by insurance.
  9. Just had to renew my home insurance with Admiral when they asked about adding my cars on to my home policy to which I responded I thought I had already. So to my surprise I had not and have just been informed my next renewal quote for the Boxster has come down to £132.92. The wife's jag was the biggest drop though from £318 down to £188. The only down side is I now have to insure 3 cars and a house in the same month I have to road tax two cars and MOT them. I think next April I will only road tax the cars for 6 months so I can move that bill to October and stager some of the cos
  10. Mrs Dark drives a JAG with more power and straight line speed than my 986. Just saying. Oh and I am not allowed to drive it.
  11. Just renewed our multicar insurance with Admiral for £632 to cover my 2.5 986, 2.2TD Galaxy and the wife's Jaguar 3.0D XF. That's £28 more than last year but we had a mondeo then instead of the Jag. Original quote was over £800 due to the Jag but they offered a large discount to keep me happy.
  12. O% cards still exist but most come with a one of transfer fee of about 3%. I got a Sainsbury card that's totally free for 25 months a couple of months ago. Have a look on money.co.uk
  13. There were not so many number plate recognition cameras around back then. I have noticed there are less SORN vans around probably because most police cars are fitted with cameras now. This is something I am very much in favour of as the more uninsured or non MOT cars we get off the roads the safer the roads will be and a lot quite if the reported numbers of uninsured drivers is correct.
  14. I really strugged for quite some time to work this one out but finally cracked it. See not as daft as I look.
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