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  1. Gone down for me - but only after shopping around. Renewal quote was £524. Tried site sponsor Cherished (because of this thread) and down to £316. I have ditched agreed value and track day cover but it still feels like a good deal.
  2. Will let you all know when my garage has finished my coilover install - though they have ride height to sort as well as install.
  3. How many hours should a spring/shock install take at a competent indie?
  4. The Auto Lighting ones linked on pg 3. They are white not blue. Very much same colour as the headlights so recommended .
  5. You are not alone - one of mine is like this. Frustrating as it doesn't direct the heat properly. I haven't got round to thinking about fixing it, but will watch your progress with interest.
  6. Thank you all for the recommendation on the LED bulbs. I ordered last week after reading this thread and fitted on Sunday. Bright white LEDs look great and while I had bright white side light bulbs already, I swapped them for new at the same time. Yet to get the diode. With the side/fog lights out, I also found it was dead easy to slide in home made grills I cut from some race alley mesh and secure with tiny black cable ties. Satisfying (if cold) Sunday afternoon activity.
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