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  1. Nice video, I’ve got a 981 S and a BMW M135i and the 718 and 718 S loan cars I had reminded me of a hot hatch. So much power and lots of torque, but there is something too addictive about the 981 S with PSE! 

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  2. 1 hour ago, GTSMarky said:

    ..I'll keep an eye on it around September time..  thanks.

    On the engine info screen (temps, fuel etc) push the stalk back. Then go to info and servicing and I think it's in there. It tells you when each of the three services is due. 

  3. 21 hours ago, GTSMarky said:

    Some questions if I may folks referring to my September 2014 BGTS:

    •  Black chrome exhaust tips on mine aren't great - can I ask for these to be replaced under warranty then and am I likely to be successful?

    •  My already extended Porsche warranty will expire when the car's 5 in September '19 - can I further extend the warranty until September '21 then assuming I have the 111 point check?

    •  Major service was done by supplying OPC in October '18 so after 12 months this coming September '19 will it require anything else other than the 111 point check?

    Reading about these active engine mounts and fan failures is giving me the jitters...





    The info display on the dash will tell you what service is due and when. 

  4. On 1/14/2019 at 4:15 PM, Greenman said:

    Not had much luck with knocking Sheffield OPC down on Warranty

    The two year warranty extension would be £1190.00 and then an additional £285.00 if you would like Porsche Roadside assistance.”

    Also best I’ve managed on inspection was £180 rather than £216 despite being done with the Major Service.

    Does the price of the extended warranty vary with age and mileage, or is it always £1190?

  5. 1 minute ago, TV8 said:

    Thats 7 TVR' old car! Very special car that one and not for the faint hearted! The interior looked fantastic as well.

    Yes, that's right. I had it for about a year after him. It was definitely not for the faint hearted. But ultimately, it was far too loud, too hot, too difficult to drive and not exactly reliable. It was really a racing car with number plates, not really a road car. Happy I moved to the Porsche! 

  6. 13 hours ago, villaman said:

    There was an Orange one at Porsche Portsmouth..or at least I thought there was..?

    A Boxster? Didn't see one. They had a stunning Night Blue Metallic 718 GTS which I LOVED, but it was a shade under £84k! And a bright green 718 S which seems to be ex demo, and a used yellow 718 GTS, plus some 981's. Didn't see an orange one. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, GTB981 said:

    When I bought the yellow GTS my cost to change was £29k. That was going from a high spec 2.7 on a 64 plate with about 13,000 miles to a 15 plate pretty good spec GTS with 7,000 miles. I kept the GTS for 20 months and depreciation based on P/ex was £15k. Yes I took a big hit but hey ho. My latest "cost to change" was quite a bit more but is a totally different kettle of fish and is far more easily justified. In hindsight, my 2.7 was a better spec than the GTS but I just fell in love with the GTS and rose tinted glasses / man maths took over. Had I kept the 2.7 it would have depreciated a lot less than what I lost on the GTS. What I`m trying to say in a long winded way is like the others, aim higher, there is not enough difference to justify what they have offered.

    When you consider what the original sales price would have been for the yellow GTS then you realise just how much Porsche have made on that car by recycling it 3 times already !

    Plus if you don`t like LOADS of attention then don`t go for racing yellow !

    Thanks, yes I agree. 

    I personally love yellow, getting lots of attention and bright yellow isn't something that bothers me, here's my last car...

    32446539473_ff2c90af0a_k.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr

    36648683992_f0308cfb16_b.jpg1 by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr


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  8. 36 minutes ago, Waxy said:

    But is your car going to depreciate to the tune of nearly £30k over two years? Absolutely not.

    Personally if I was going to put that kind of money into changing cars I would want something that was significantly different to what I already had. 981S to 981 GTS in my mind is not THAT different. I would be more inclined to look at 911s or 718s for a £30k coat to change

    Why not get rid of the Beemer and change it for a 996 C2? Then you can split your mileage across the two. You’re welcome 😉 

    That's not really what I was saying. I wouldn't entertain the £26k part exchange and £28k cost to change anyway. But if I got £51k for my Boxster S and Z4M, then it would nearly be a swap for a GTS (in reality a £19k upgrade from the Boxster S to GTS valuing my Boxster S at £34k and hoping to get the GTS for £53k). The GTS will likely not depreciate too much over the next two years and 15k miles as it's already low mileage and they seem to be holding their values well. 

    So it wasn't about whether I wanted to spend the money, as it's already tied up in cars anyway, it's about reducing the depreciation over the next two years, and reducing running costs on two cars. 

    But I think I have talked myself out of the GTS (again). As mentioned, it isn't different enough from the S. 

  9. 11 hours ago, daz05 said:

    Be interesting to see what happens to Spyder values if the 718 Spyder has a sensible list price and the 3.8 with 400 ish bhp.  Wait and see would be my advice.

    Yep, I'm very interested in the new Spyder. It could be good enough that I use the Boxster S and Z4M as a down payment and finance it and keep it long term. I've not financed a car before (excepting personal loans). 

  10. 16 hours ago, Waxy said:

    I just don’t see what you get over you current car that would justify that kind of cost to change.

    As has already been said power difference is barely noticeable so then it comes down to cosmetics and lower mileage. Your car still has plenty of warranty, so any issues would be sorted and think of how else you could spend £20+k!!

    Also the amount of warranty left is irrelevant to the OPC, they have to pay for another new 2 year one anyway.

    I could understand it more if you were thinking of going to a 718 GTS, because it is quite different to your current car and having driven a 718 Cayman GTS I can guarantee you would notice the performance, it is bonkers

    Yeah, my thoughts are where is the safest place to put the money. At present I have approximately £50k tied up in two cars, the Boxster S and the BMW Z4M (and a BMW M135i not included in that valuation). The values on the Z4M are stable, but the Boxster is going to start to depreciate with the miles going on it. It's now on 51k, so at 65k miles I might be looking at losing a big chunk in depreciation - given how many low mileage cars there are around. 

    The thing is, I don't mind having £50k tied up in cars, but I don't earn a fortune so I can't justify losing thousands in depreciation. So my thoughts were that a low mileage GTS (say 15k miles) might hold its value better over the next 2 years if I put 15k miles on it, rather than my Boxster S with 51k miles on it. 

    Plus I'm saving money not having to run two cars. The Z4M tax is nearly £600 per year now, plus servicing and insuring two cars is getting expensive, and I only have one garage, so the Z4M lives at my friend's garage, meaning I rarely use it. 

    I must admit, I did really like the night blue metallic Boxster GTS at Portsmouth Porsche, it looked absolutely stunning, but it was a few quid under £84k!! 

  11. 9 minutes ago, Gorsh said:

    Part exchanges prices are always hard to swallow - looking at the OPC used cars I would reckon they would sell yours for £36 to £37k, despite the high spec I think the mileage does unfortunately knock the price back (it shouldn't in my view, but that's the reality). Based on that I would reckon their offer is around £29k leaving around £24k to change - considering the spec and condition of your car that is a hell of a lot more to pay!  

    The yellow GTS is lovely, it is quite a good spec, is two years newer than yours and a lot lower mileage so you're paying for more than the fact it's a GTS.  The yellow trim can easily be changed to carbon - it's £1400 notes though, but they just might agree to change it as part of the deal if that clinches it.

    Another option is to hold out for another GTS to come on the market, they are out there so it's just keeping watch and being ready to move as soon as a suitable car comes on the market - I was lucky in the summer, I spotted mine at an independent - 2015 model, one owner, under 4k miles and high spec (everything on your S including PTV plus GTS interior, 18 way seats, reversing camera, and illuminated carbon cills), it was £55k which I was happy with.  No Porsche warranty but an insurance warranty for 6 months which runs out soon so I'm getting it serviced and the 111 point check week after next and hoping all well as I also plan to buy a warranty.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

    Thanks, that useful. They offered me £26k. Given that my car is forecourt ready, I thought it was too low. I had it serviced at the dealership yesterday, still has 10 months warranty, doesn’t need tyres or brakes and it has no stone chips, just been detailed and ceramic coated, so it’s ready to sell with zero expense. 


    Yours sound ls great. Really nice find. I think a better idea might be to advertise my Z4M and Boxster in the summer and then look for a GTS wit the right spec towards the end of the summer. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, GTB981 said:

    The yellow one at Portsmouth is my old one. The wheels are gorgeous and it is a good spec. I had it professionally machine polished and ceramic coated with GTECH last Feb. There is a video on Youtube. I only changed it as I could afford to and there are no pockets in a shroud ! Traded it last month for a 991.2 GTS. If you have any questions geoff@denberrubber.co.uk 

    Great, thanks. Do you have a link to the video please?

  13. 8 minutes ago, Gorsh said:

    There seem to be very few GTS's come up for sale lately, I would advise that if you want one you've got to move quickly once you see it - and if you need to sell yours first you are likely to miss the GTS unless a deposit will secure it for a while.  Selling a 30k car privately could take time so consider a specialist, you might get a bit more than an OPC would pay.

    Yes, they do seem to move quickly. My friend runs a prestige and sports car dealership and he usually sells my cars for me. I am a bit concerned about losing the warranty if he advertises it and I then decide to keep it at a later date. 

  14. Hmm, dragging this back up as I've been tempted by a Boxster GTS at a Porsche dealer. 

    Just about to have a service on mine with belts, air filters and brake fluid at Porsche, wonder if anyone is interested in it at £35,000 with a fresh service and Porsche warranty/assist until October 2019. 

    I know there are cheaper cars out there, but it's rare to find one in this spec and it looks as new. 

  15. I took my car for a spirited drive the other day around the Purbecks. They're pretty bumpy roads in some areas. On sport chassis mode it was too firm and I broke traction a couple of times over some of the bumps. But on normal mode it was amazing. It absorbed all the bumps in the road and never once felt like it was breaking traction. It really is an amazing system. But I think Sport Chassis is best suited to smooth roads. 

  16. 1 hour ago, daz05 said:

    It's a good purchase buddy and the sticker price wasn't a bad one anyway.  Make sure the exhaust valves are opening an closing freely, quite common for them to seize.  Your warranty will cover it regardless but worth checking.

    And make sure your Chrono clock has all the hands present and correct!