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  1. 14 minutes ago, @Bristol said:

    Thanks djy!

    The guy seems to think it's a chassis option???!!!

    She does have a lower stance tho for sure! I'll need to read up on her some more when she tips up on Saturday!!

    X73 Sport Chassis - lowered and stiffened suspension. I think!

  2. 14 hours ago, spook said:

    Autocar last week rated the BMW M2 Competition above the 718 Cayman mainly on the basis of 6 v 4 cylinders. 

    Let's hope that Porsche has finally got the message about putting 4 cylinder engines in its sports cars. 

    Hmm, I've got a BMW M135i with the ZF8 gearbox. Ok, it's not an M2, but it's a very similar car in terms of it's DNA. It's quick, and capable, but the chassis has nothing on the 718 chassis! I've driven a few 718's and it's an incredible car. I really can't see how the M2 Competition can get anywhere near it.

  3. 59 minutes ago, 981Ad said:

    I went through a similar situation last month. My car is near on identical spec as yours, only difference in no PTV, 47k and its black. Got offered £35k from an OPC to buy outright. 

    So I would say private easily £37kish and the PH Ads back up that price as well. Spec is everything with these cars and lucky for you, you have tonnes of it! 

    I didnt go for the GTS as in my eyes I didnt see the value in the £15k upgrade. So I am patiently waiting for the new 718 Spyder/GT4 announcement, to see how the second hand market reacts!

    Yes, a 6-cylinder 718 Spyder is the car I really want!

    That sounds like a great offer on your car though. I wasn't getting offered that much for mine from dealers.

  4. On ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 8:26 PM, Boxter_racer said:

    Your car is awesome Dan ! All the right options too ! I’m no expert but was reading an article that the car performs best post 25-30k miles. We’re obsessed with low mileage. I understand low mileage correlates to less risk of failures, but as long as you can keep paying the warranty (it’s £1500 for two years including Porsche assist), then I think your car is a keeper. 

    I was also contemplating first a Cayman S, then a Boxster GTS, even a Spyder (the grass always looks greener elsewhere...) but the price difference doesn’t justify it imo. I went instead for a lower options/ lower risk Boxster S. Still got the warranty and assist for peace of mind.

    hope to see you around on your beautiful car ! 

    Yeah, it is a fantastic car! I've decided to stick where I am at the moment, especially given that the red GTS at Harbour Cars is now sold!

    I've got it booked in for a detail and ceramic coat on Tuesday, so look out for some photos of it looking nice and shiny next week :) 

  5. 1 hour ago, oldgitst said:

    Thanks guys, and djy, totally get why you kept the S you have... I chose this one as it was guards red and I had a guards red 1985 Carrera supersport 20 years ago just love the colour....

    I sold a new mustang convertible 5.0 I had, bought an e92 v8 m3 comp pack (great great car) but just new I wanted to go back to a convertible car....

    its quite a well optioned car from what I can tell although did find it strange how the original owner never specced cruise control....

    Harbour was great to deal with and offered an exceptional deal when all said and done.

    The other funny thing is I just found an invoice in its paperwork from Porsche Tonbridge for an extended 2 year warranty at £1500 from December 2017, I phoned my local dealership and they confirm its still under that warranty so 17 months Porsche approved warranty for nothing... good start to my ownership :-)



    Wow, lucky you with the warranty! I did ask them if they wanted to swap my 981 S and Z4M for it, but my cars didn't quite add up to the right price! Still love my car, so I'm happy. Enjoy the new car, Guards Red is lovely.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Pinewood said:

    Why not photo? 

    I whip mine out at every opportunity! 

    Yeah, would have made an amazing photo as the hotel is beautiful. 

    My girlfriend works there and they have strict rules on not photographing guests and guest's cars etc. There were porters standing around, so thought better of it, as some of them know me. 

    We had a lovely meal there yesterday and left my car there (wine!), so was just heading back to pick it up this morning. 

  7. This morning.

    My red 981 S parked up on one side of the front door, and a white 981 (not sure if it was an S or not) on the other side.

    They look great together. Shame I didn't get a photo. There was a 997 the other side of me too. Porsches are so common round here!

    Anyone on here?


  8. 31 minutes ago, daz05 said:

    Have a look at mine on Instagram if you have it, I've added the lights and diffuser onto my Guards Red car. 

    You can add the symposer too if you want the induction roar.  The extra 15 bhp is not particularly noticeable as it is all top end, the minimum output of your 981 would have been 315bhp, when they are side by side probably very little would split them if at all.

    I had a Z4mc for 4 years and as fun as it was the chassis must frustrate you a tad after driving the 981, get it sold and wait until winter you should see more Spyders dropping towards the £65k mark.

    Beautiful! Looks great.

  9. 18 minutes ago, RBD914 v2 said:

    I agree with most comments made so far on the GTS. I have owned a 981GTS and now have an 981S.

    There is no huge noticeable difference in performance, sound or handling.

    The GTS looks a bit more aggressive with its different front spoiler and rear diffuser - but they can be added later.

    I would keep your car or buy one of the last 981S models if you want a keeper.

    In my opinion a used GTS is not worth the £10k premium over an S. However it was a no brainer brand new, the GTS was worth every penny.

    Then again the GTS is a lovely car and if that's what you really want, what's £10k?

    Re a Spyder, I had the chance to buy one new when I bought the GTS, but I use the roof a lot and could not live with the lash up on the Spyder! Would have made a bit of money on it though, could have bought it for about £65k new, currently worth more than that used!

    You pay your money and make the right choice for you in the end!

    Good luck with your deliberations!


    I wish the difference was £10k! GTS are looking like mid to high £50s still, whereas mine is low to mid £30s. More like a £20k upgrade.

    A Spyder is too expensive. Cheapest is £69k which I couldn't go to really. Maybe one day.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Nobbie said:

    I doubt you'd notice 10-15bhp on a 300bhp car and if you do it will be placebo effect. Your's is a lovely car and I hadn't realised the GTS had a bodykit, but if you're doing decent mileage in the car, then probably does make sense to either swap out now or keep it forever. I think your car will get a decent price, but you may have to wait to get the right buyer who loves spec and wants a keeper, so isn't so worried about mileage. Selling in spring with 6 months warranty left would make a much easier sale, suspect GTS prices don't vary as much with season as demand is always there.

    Yeah, makes sense. I'm not sure what the warranty renewal would cost on mine, but if that's at least £2000 for another two years, then that would be £2000 I could put towards a GTS from Porsche with a warranty. Get the value from mine and consider moving it on spring or early summer next year when I've had the value from the warranty etc. Or decide to keep it forever! Likelihood is mine wouldn't get used much over winter anyway.

    I guess I could always get Porsche to put the GTS bumpers and rear lights onto my car. I'd just be missing the alcantara interior then.

  11. 5 minutes ago, daz05 said:

    If you just want a newer fresher car then I can understand your rationale because these are great cars regardless of the model but I can't understand why you want to specifically swap your super rare example for a GTS.  As said most GTS are actually of lower spec than yours, all the useful bits and exterior styling are available and more.

    How about considering a Spyder instead, ok higher entrance fee again but values on all of these models are now closely linked, if one goes up or down the others follow.



    Hmm, I know it's a lot of money for a car with a bodykit and 10-15 more horsepower! I'm not even sure of my rationale behind it, I like the look of them (I fell in love with them at Simply Porsche at Beaulieu!), I like the exclusivity, love the interior and thought the small amount of extra power might be nice for when we do another European road trip. Certainly in the UK the S is plenty powerful enough. Part of it is also wanting a car with very low miles and a bit newer so that I can keep it for many years and not worry about depreciation etc. But my car looks brand new and drives like new, so that's not really an issue.

    I would really like a 981 Spyder. Unfortunately I'm sure they will be out of budget (and would mean having to sell my Z4M) and I think they're all manual. Whilst I'm still open to a manual, I think I still prefer the PDK.


  12. Good morning all,

    Some of you will know my car, I have a very high spec 981 Boxster S in Guards Red. I absolutely love the car, I've enjoyed it so much that I am thinking I probably can justify the cost of the GTS, as I will plan on keeping it long term.

    At the moment it's hypothetical, I may not look at changing until the end of next year, in order to make the most out of the warranty etc. but I may change now if the right car comes up. So, what do you think my car is worth? Porsche have given me a trade in value, but I would need more in order to make the deal work.


    2013 981 Boxster S - 49k miles
    Sport Chrono
    Sport Design steering wheel
    PTV limited slip diff
    Full (extended) leather - dashboard etc all leather
    14 way electric memory seats
    Heated seats
    Dual zone climate control
    PCM 3.1 with the latest maps and firmware
    Phone prep - Bluetooth etc.
    Bi-xenon Porsche dynamic light system (PDLS)
    Auto dimming mirrors
    Auto wipers
    Cruise control
    Wind deflector
    Park assist front and rear
    Porsche coloured wheel crests 
    Porsche crest on the seats
    Roll bars colour coded
    Air intake, front grille slats and rear diffuser colour coded (body coloured extras)
    20” Carrera Classic wheels
    Seat belts in Guards Red

    I has Porsche warranty and Porsche Assist until October 2019. Serviced with new discs, pads and tyres in October 2017 (I think).

    When I bought it, I got Porsche Colchester to respray the front bumper, bonnet, wings, side skirts and side intakes as they had stone chips, so the car look brand new. Maybe 3 or 4 very small stone chips at the most. Interior is perfect and nothing would suggest it has done the mileage it has. It's had one previous owner, bought new from Porsche Colchester, then I bought it from Porsche Colchester. Been maintained by Porsche Colchester and Porsche Portsmouth only. Garaged always. My garage is heated and dehumidified, so car is perfect!

    The car was nearly £70k new and has over £22,000 worth of optional extras on it. As I understand it, it's extremely rare to find a 981 with the PTV diff, and it really works well.

    Any opinions on value would be appreciated.



    28636969627_18f39efa66_h.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr


    42619422265_93d1e3075a_h.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr


    29652956938_a458006627_h.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr


    37944609515_a06fb15c38_b.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr


    39873668522_1535d40a65_h.jpgUntitled by Daniel Yeates, on Flickr

  13. Thanks for the all the advice.

    I'm about to head off to a road trip around France, Spain and Mallorca so this will be useful.

    I have the Sanef Tolling tag, high vis, GB sticker etc... but the wet wipes is a good idea, as is toilet roll and the wheel wrench. I will stock up tonight!

  14. 5 hours ago, CMA said:

    Having just bought mine from OPC Leicester, the salesman said when I turned up for the test drive that I was the very first person he had dealt with over email initially that had actually turned up to follow through. So it does sound like they get plenty of timewasters in general. A phone call is far better I think if you can't turn up. Although if like me it is difficult to make a call during working hours you don't have much option.

    Yes, I bought mine mostly via email conversation with the OPC. It's also difficult for me to talk on the phone during office hours. I do work in an office, but I would rather not talk about buying a Porsche within listening distance of my colleagues! Whereas I can sit and talk all day on email, pretending to work!

  15. 16 minutes ago, jhemus said:

    Somewhat unhelpful but the previous owner is on the Porsche forum on Pistonheads: he put it up for sale and sold within 24 hours. Sadly, I can't locate the posts....

    That’s actually very helpful, thanks. I happened to remember the dealer saying he had bought a McLaren so a quick nosey on the PH McLaren forum and I found him. 



  16. My friend is looking to buy and run for a year, maybe put 3000 to 4000 miles on it. Hoping for a good resale, given the mileage will still be pretty low.

    I'd have thought it would have been well over £60k new...what was the list on the GTS? My Boxster S was a shade under £70k new in 2013! I know the SC, PSE and PASM was standard on the GTS, but not sure what else was.

  17. Does anyone on here know the black Boxster GTS at Harbour Cars? Wondering if the original owner was a member on here.


    What do you think of the price?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the spec and future resale? I see that it's missing dual zone climate control, which is a bit odd.

    I'm wondering if it's better to buy a cheaper car with 10-15k more miles on, from a Porsche dealer with a 2 year warranty, or if this is really worthwhile with such low mileage.

    It's not me buying it, by the way. I'm quite happy with my 981S! It's for a good friend of mine.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Jonttt said:

    I always turn the key to start and then press the sport button which disables Start/Stop and activates PES. I don't think the car has ever start/stopped whilst I've owned it lol

    Me too