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  1. 5 hours ago, CMA said:

    Having just bought mine from OPC Leicester, the salesman said when I turned up for the test drive that I was the very first person he had dealt with over email initially that had actually turned up to follow through. So it does sound like they get plenty of timewasters in general. A phone call is far better I think if you can't turn up. Although if like me it is difficult to make a call during working hours you don't have much option.

    Yes, I bought mine mostly via email conversation with the OPC. It's also difficult for me to talk on the phone during office hours. I do work in an office, but I would rather not talk about buying a Porsche within listening distance of my colleagues! Whereas I can sit and talk all day on email, pretending to work!

  2. 16 minutes ago, jhemus said:

    Somewhat unhelpful but the previous owner is on the Porsche forum on Pistonheads: he put it up for sale and sold within 24 hours. Sadly, I can't locate the posts....

    That’s actually very helpful, thanks. I happened to remember the dealer saying he had bought a McLaren so a quick nosey on the PH McLaren forum and I found him. 



  3. My friend is looking to buy and run for a year, maybe put 3000 to 4000 miles on it. Hoping for a good resale, given the mileage will still be pretty low.

    I'd have thought it would have been well over £60k new...what was the list on the GTS? My Boxster S was a shade under £70k new in 2013! I know the SC, PSE and PASM was standard on the GTS, but not sure what else was.

  4. Does anyone on here know the black Boxster GTS at Harbour Cars? Wondering if the original owner was a member on here.


    What do you think of the price?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the spec and future resale? I see that it's missing dual zone climate control, which is a bit odd.

    I'm wondering if it's better to buy a cheaper car with 10-15k more miles on, from a Porsche dealer with a 2 year warranty, or if this is really worthwhile with such low mileage.

    It's not me buying it, by the way. I'm quite happy with my 981S! It's for a good friend of mine.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Jonttt said:

    I always turn the key to start and then press the sport button which disables Start/Stop and activates PES. I don't think the car has ever start/stopped whilst I've owned it lol

    Me too

  6. 18 minutes ago, Jonttt said:

    Wow that is as close to GTS spec as you can get.......but no climate lol. The mind always boggles at porsches description as dual climate. You can imagine the new owners shock on collection of his "fully loaded" car ......what do you mean it's not got climate control lol

    Yes, I thought the same. Well my car has all the same optional extras, plus Bose, PDLS and dual zone climate :)

  7. Good morning,


    Just seen a 981 Boxster S come up for sale on Autotrader. Very similar spec to mine, certainly not a lot of Boxsters around with this level of spec, and with very low miles.


    It has:



    Sport Chrono



    PTV diff

    Full leather including dash and doors

    Alcantara steering wheel

    Park assist F&R

    Exterior painted pack


    20" Carrera S wheels



    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803274968711?body-type=Convertible&keywords=pdk%2C chrono%2C exhaust&make=PORSCHE&minimum-badge-engine-size=3.0&model=BOXSTER&price-to=50000&radius=1500&year-from=2012&search-target=usedcars&sort=datedesc&saved-search-id=2c929b525d601a3a015d7179803f0245&logcode=pp&postcode=bh255gt


    Lovely spec, very rare to find Sport Chrono, PASM, PSE and PTV on a non GTS car. Sure it won't be for sale long.


    PS. The car isn't mine, I don't know the owner and have nothing to do with the sale. It just popped up on my phone this morning as I have alerts set up for Boxsters with specific options.



  8. On 12/03/2018 at 6:23 PM, Carmine said:

    Crikey! Is it easier to list what it doesn't have?! I thought my car with some £14K was right up there but it's clearly in at least a distant second place to yours.

    Presumably lots of individual leather or carbon bits?

    Surprisingly, no carbon bits! But lots of painted bits. 

  9. 23 hours ago, Patt said:

    As you know, you piped me to the post on your car by putting a deposit down unseen. Thought it had Bose too?

    Yes, it has Bose, that’s on the list. 

    The bi-xenons are the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System, and the dimming mirrors option also does auto lights and wipers etc. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Carmine said:

    Crikey! Is it easier to list what it doesn't have?! I thought my car with some £14K was right up there but it's clearly in at least a distant second place to yours.

    Presumably lots of individual leather or carbon bits?

    Ok, here goes...


    Top tint windscreen - £77

    Black full (extended) leather interior - £2093

    Sport design steering wheel - £283

    Heated seats - £283

    2 zone climate control air conditioning - £518

    PDK - £1922

    Bi-Xenon lighting system - £477

    Sports seats electric - £1538

    20" Carrera Classics - £1700

    Floor mats - £73

    Wind deflector - £182

    Bose surround sound - £801

    PCM - £2141

    Guards red seat belts - £166

    Sports exhausts system - £1473

    Exterior package painted - £801

    Electrically retractable mirrors - £202

    Park assist front and rear - £599

    Auto dimming mirror - £332

    Torque vectoring LSD - £890

    PASM - £971

    Coloured wheel crests - £109

    Tyre pressure monitor - £421

    Cruise control - £267

    Embossed seat headrests - £138

    Roll over bar in exterior colour - £344

    Sports Chrono - £1376

    Telephone for PCM - £526

    Premium bodycare - £660

    Total options - £21,363


    The first owner picked a great spec! 




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  11. On 26/02/2018 at 8:30 PM, Spinneyman said:

    Hi to anyone who is still viewing this thread.  

    I have bought my new car!  Cayman GTS in Carmine Red.  PDK!  Pick it up this week.

    Must have seen/driven lots and have settled on this one.

    I will endeavour to post a pic when in my hands!

    Once again many thanks for your contributions, particullarly Dan (djy).



    That sounds fantastic

  12. Oh yes!!!! I LOVE my PSE! When I first bought my car the exhaust sounded really quiet and I was a bit disappointed. I got my OPC to look at it and the exhaust valves were seized shut. A brand new PSE was fitted and it sounds incredible. I would definitely go for it. 

    I never drive my car with the roof up, and rarely do motorways, so can't really comment on the noise under those conditions. But I do find it considerably quieter with the exhaust off. 

  13. My red Boxster gets a lot of attention as well. School kids do love it. I guess whether the attention is a good or a bad thing depends on what you're going to be using the car for. 

    For me, it's a weekend fun car. It rarely gets left at any place I can't see it. Place I usually go (country pubs, hotels etc) usually attracts the right so of attention anyway. If I was commuting in it, and had to drive in rush hour traffic and leave in a big town centre car park, I don't think I'd want such a bright car. 

    I love yellow personally. My old TVR Griffith was yellow. I very nearly bought a yellow Boxster, spec was exactly the same as mine, except it didn't have the PTV diff, so I bought the one I have instead, which did have the diff. For me, spec was more important than colour. 

  14. 3 hours ago, mdunderwood said:

    Do the 12v sockets definitely power off? I have a dash cam that I need to plug in.

    I'm just about to fit a dashcam as well. The 12v sockets power off 30 minutes after parking up, so quite useful to record whilst parked up for a while in case someone scrapes your car whilst you're parked up for a short amount of time. 

    I was looking at the Blackvue power pack to keep mine powered all the time. It's a battery pack that connects to the 12v socket to charge, when the engine is running and continues to power the dashcam while the engine is switched off. 

  15. It's sometimes difficult to get a real feel for whether a car is right for you on a short test drive (although I loved mine on the test drive and knew I had to have it!). 

    It's a lot of money to spend on a car if you're not sure whether the manual/PDK choice is the right one. You already have a manual, so I would recommend finding a PDK car which is available to hire for 24 hours. Plan a trip in it and do some miles. Around town and empty country roads, see how it suits you. Ideally find one with PDK and Sports Chrono with the Sport Design steering wheel though, as it makes a difference. As you've already found out, the buttons and gearstick aren't as natural to use as the paddles. 

    Something like this:


    When I had my car hire company, I often hired my cars out to people who were considering buying one. It's worth the £200 per day to get a real good feel of the car, without the salesman in the passenger seat. 

  16. 52 minutes ago, Spinneyman said:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Dan for the exhilarating drive we had yesterday in his 981.  It’s certainly wetted my appetite for a paddle test drive.  I’ll post result once completed. 

    You're welcome. Great to meet you. I'm glad you liked the car, hope I didn't go too fast! 

    Look forward to seeing what you eventually buy. 

  17. 23 minutes ago, Spinneyman said:

    Thanks for the offer Dan.  Would love to take you up on it.  Can you let me know when convenient and your address please?



    07712 614984

    Sure. Currently at work, sent you a text. 

  18. I have the ZF8 auto gearbox in my M135i. It's a great gearbox, but definitely better suited at leaving on Auto. It's not very easy to drive with the paddles, as you can't feel the gearchanges and there are too many gears to use as a manual. 

    However, I find the PDK a joy to use in manual. I rarely drive it in Auto (only during the warm up in fact), once warmed, it's constantly in manual mode. I find it really easy to use. I have a pickup truck as my company vehicle and my other weekend car, a BMW Z4M, and I dislike going back to manual now. I find it a pain! 

  19. 8 hours ago, Spinneyman said:

    Thanks for the quick response.  So are you saying that PASM is mainly for tracking?  It also diminishes the GTS appeal bar the look of a lower car.   I have to admit I don’t use my PASM hardly and only have it as a ‘must have’ on my next car, so it improves my re-sale value.  If so then it would make more cars available re my saearch and also maybe cheaper.

    Basically, there are 3 options (only two available on the GTS)

    Standard suspension - softer and higher ride height.

    PASM - Constantly adjusting adaptive suspension. Switchable from Comfort to Firm. In Comfort, it is softer than the standard. In Firm, it's firmer than the standard. It is lower than the standard ride height by 10mm. 

    X73 Sport Suspension - Non adjustable/non adaptive, firmer and lower still. 


    I think that's right!