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  1. Oh yes!!!! I LOVE my PSE! When I first bought my car the exhaust sounded really quiet and I was a bit disappointed. I got my OPC to look at it and the exhaust valves were seized shut. A brand new PSE was fitted and it sounds incredible. I would definitely go for it. 

    I never drive my car with the roof up, and rarely do motorways, so can't really comment on the noise under those conditions. But I do find it considerably quieter with the exhaust off. 

  2. My red Boxster gets a lot of attention as well. School kids do love it. I guess whether the attention is a good or a bad thing depends on what you're going to be using the car for. 

    For me, it's a weekend fun car. It rarely gets left at any place I can't see it. Place I usually go (country pubs, hotels etc) usually attracts the right so of attention anyway. If I was commuting in it, and had to drive in rush hour traffic and leave in a big town centre car park, I don't think I'd want such a bright car. 

    I love yellow personally. My old TVR Griffith was yellow. I very nearly bought a yellow Boxster, spec was exactly the same as mine, except it didn't have the PTV diff, so I bought the one I have instead, which did have the diff. For me, spec was more important than colour. 

  3. 3 hours ago, mdunderwood said:

    Do the 12v sockets definitely power off? I have a dash cam that I need to plug in.

    I'm just about to fit a dashcam as well. The 12v sockets power off 30 minutes after parking up, so quite useful to record whilst parked up for a while in case someone scrapes your car whilst you're parked up for a short amount of time. 

    I was looking at the Blackvue power pack to keep mine powered all the time. It's a battery pack that connects to the 12v socket to charge, when the engine is running and continues to power the dashcam while the engine is switched off. 

  4. It's sometimes difficult to get a real feel for whether a car is right for you on a short test drive (although I loved mine on the test drive and knew I had to have it!). 

    It's a lot of money to spend on a car if you're not sure whether the manual/PDK choice is the right one. You already have a manual, so I would recommend finding a PDK car which is available to hire for 24 hours. Plan a trip in it and do some miles. Around town and empty country roads, see how it suits you. Ideally find one with PDK and Sports Chrono with the Sport Design steering wheel though, as it makes a difference. As you've already found out, the buttons and gearstick aren't as natural to use as the paddles. 

    Something like this:


    When I had my car hire company, I often hired my cars out to people who were considering buying one. It's worth the £200 per day to get a real good feel of the car, without the salesman in the passenger seat. 

  5. 52 minutes ago, Spinneyman said:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Dan for the exhilarating drive we had yesterday in his 981.  It’s certainly wetted my appetite for a paddle test drive.  I’ll post result once completed. 

    You're welcome. Great to meet you. I'm glad you liked the car, hope I didn't go too fast! 

    Look forward to seeing what you eventually buy. 

  6. 23 minutes ago, Spinneyman said:

    Thanks for the offer Dan.  Would love to take you up on it.  Can you let me know when convenient and your address please?



    07712 614984

    Sure. Currently at work, sent you a text. 

  7. I have the ZF8 auto gearbox in my M135i. It's a great gearbox, but definitely better suited at leaving on Auto. It's not very easy to drive with the paddles, as you can't feel the gearchanges and there are too many gears to use as a manual. 

    However, I find the PDK a joy to use in manual. I rarely drive it in Auto (only during the warm up in fact), once warmed, it's constantly in manual mode. I find it really easy to use. I have a pickup truck as my company vehicle and my other weekend car, a BMW Z4M, and I dislike going back to manual now. I find it a pain! 

  8. 8 hours ago, Spinneyman said:

    Thanks for the quick response.  So are you saying that PASM is mainly for tracking?  It also diminishes the GTS appeal bar the look of a lower car.   I have to admit I don’t use my PASM hardly and only have it as a ‘must have’ on my next car, so it improves my re-sale value.  If so then it would make more cars available re my saearch and also maybe cheaper.

    Basically, there are 3 options (only two available on the GTS)

    Standard suspension - softer and higher ride height.

    PASM - Constantly adjusting adaptive suspension. Switchable from Comfort to Firm. In Comfort, it is softer than the standard. In Firm, it's firmer than the standard. It is lower than the standard ride height by 10mm. 

    X73 Sport Suspension - Non adjustable/non adaptive, firmer and lower still. 


    I think that's right! 

  9. 9 hours ago, Spinneyman said:

    Wow! I have just discovered I have a bunch of replies that I didn’t know about.  Firstly my apologies for my late thank you to all who have offered their advice.  Very helpful.  I had assumed I would get an email flagging that someone was replying, but I guess that doesn’t happen.

    Anyway by way of an update:  I am more inclined now to go for the Cayman.  Mainly as it will be a significant change from my Boxster and the new 981 shape seems to be getting more and more attractive to me!  Whether GTS or S comes down to spec/provenance/and colour combination.  I’ve found a couple but their interior colours were such that I just couldn’t see myself living with them.  

    I have test driven a PDK.  No paddles, just buttons on the steering wheel.  Hated it.  Got on a little better when switched to the gear stick.  But still manual biased.  Like the idea of someone guiding me through the benefits of maybe paddle PDK and I’m not a million miles from the brookland dealer.  My local dealer isn’t that great.

    If there’s still some interest out there I’ve a question about GTS and PASM.  Some GTS show the switchable button for PASM and some don’t.  Does this mean that not all GTS’s can switch between both, as I scan now on my Boxster?

    Thanks Boxster981S for the values.  I’m finding prices are significantly higher e.g. there are well spaced GTS Caymens out there asking nearly £52000 to £65000!!!!  Have they started to appreciate?

    To answer a couple of questions:

    Drago.d:  I live in the New Forest.and it will be my weekend occasional long drive car. (Thanks for the info on Brooklands.)

    Jason 986S:  3.4L,  2007, manual, dark blue 29300miles, black interior.  FSH from main and indie.  I think it’s got every conceivable option, bar front parking sensors.  I will almost certainly sell privately unless the dealer I buy from makes an offer I can’t refuse.


    I live in the New Forest. You're welcome to have a proper look over my 981S and I'll talk you through all the spec and the options. Mine is fully loaded with kit:


    Sport Chrono



    PTV diff


    Extended leather

    PCM 3.1 with bluetooth, Bose etc....



    It's an awesome car with all the toys on. I can take you out for a drive, show you what the paddles can do with Sport Chrono. 



  10. 5 minutes ago, Greenman said:

    Some cleaners are more acidic than others, I’m not sure on your particular cleaner, but if the lacquer is sound the there shouldn’t be any issues. Of course there could be unseen damage to the lacquer so what then? I think .the main thing is to make sure you rinse off really well so no cleaner is left on .the wheel indefinitely, do that and any risk should be low.

    Thanks. Just checked actually, Auto Finesse say it's pH neutral. 

  11. 1 minute ago, spook said:

    What year is your car Dan? I have a 2012 Boxster S with the same wheels as yours and I have the same problem. The black marks you can't shift with ordinary washing are almost certainly corrosion of the alloy coming through where brake dust and other pollutants have eaten through the lacquer at the places it's at its thinnest. The only way to shift it is to use a light abrasive pad on the affected area (which I agree isn't ideal), and try to re-seal it with polish. This is the big problem with diamond cut wheels, when they get damaged or start to corrode you are ultimately looking at a full refurbishment to put things right.

    My car is a 2013. 

    The marks are in between the spokes, in the painted bits, not the diamond cut bits. They're only minor and not that noticeable as it's in the grey sections, but still something I'd like to try and improve. 

  12. Hi all,

    I have the Carrera Classic wheels, which are diamond cut (I believe) and then lacquered. Is it ok to use wheel cleaner on them? I use Auto Finesse Imperial and sometimes Iron Out on my other cars. I notice that there is some dust that is stubborn to move in between some of the spokes. Shampoo and a mitt isn't shifting it, so wondered if it was safe to use Iron Out on diamond cut wheels. Just a bit worried about leaving marks in the lacquer. 



  13. 24 minutes ago, steveyvuk said:

    I'm having this exact same issue with Bristol OPC and my Boxster, I requested that the software be updated before I took delivery of the car, they fobbed me off and when it was delivered the software was on v3.41 which dates from around September 2012, Bristol are 'supposed' to be arranging with Portsmouth (my local OPC) to get this updated, although no joy as yet....



    Oh right, well Porsche Portsmouth were great in helping it get sorted for me. 

    They also did some other warranty work for me, the valves on the Porsche Sports Exhaust was seized so they replaced it for me. They just did the updates whilst fitting the exhaust. Takes ages, but you just start it off and leave it to update. 

  14. On 27/11/2017 at 5:38 PM, rowbos said:

    Out of interest what did they sting you for that?

    Nothing. I'd recently bought the car from another OPC and I asked them to make sure the sat nav was all up to date. I tried to take it to my local OPC (Portsmouth) on another matter, and noticed that Portsmouth Centre wasn't listed in the sat nav service centre POI's. So I complained that the sat nav was out of date and the OPC I bought it from agreed to pay for the maps and firmware update to be done at Portsmouth. 

    In my opinion, when buying a used car from an OPC, it should really be up-to-date. They were very obliging when asked. 

  15. I had mine updated last week at Porsche Centre Portsmouth. Had the firmware updated from 4.41 to 4.76 and had the latest maps put on. It took all day!! Not really used the sat nav much yet, so haven’t noticed any differences, although there are now some updated roads and the Porsche Centre Portsmouth is on the POI list now! 

  16. On 08/11/2017 at 1:34 PM, TimC said:

    If you drive a lot, the real time traffic info is very good - I use it in my daily drive, which has Apple Car Play. Worth £429? That's a personal call. It's a shame it has to be via the Aha app on the phone; Aha is a pretty poor bit of software, with very limited usefulness to UK users. As my Boxster doesn't have DAB, I use the Radioplayer app with the phone plugged into the glove box USB to provide me with my dose of Planet Rock. I can also get Google or Apple Maps voice directions this way, which will take account of realtime traffic (and yes, those apps will run in the background while Radioplayer is working).

    Thanks. Yeah, I often use Waze and Spotify on my iPhone at the same time, plugged into the USB socket in the glove box.