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  1. yup, got all my car insured via A Manning but have to say they weren't too competative with Lazzas Cayenne so he uses first aliance who have been excellent.
  2. im with them too as they were the only ones who didn't want stupid money once i had had the GT3 body lit fitted. wasn't till the policy came through that i found out about the track day cover
  3. i just take my standerd policy along and show the OPC. as it covers me to drive any other vehical with the owners permission. as the OPC is the owners and they are giving me permission then im covered?? it's been ok so far anywa
  4. you must be a 19year old, explosive expert living in centrol manchester.
  5. i was with Tescos for a few years as i worked for them. they were very good when someone drove into the side of my daughters car. sorted out all the repairs and did all the chasing. still took 5 months to get the excess payment back though. Tecso's and Direct line insist on a tracker being fitted and they will jack up the price (or won't touch if its an engine mod)for cars with any sort of Mod. Liverpool Victoria, saved me £100 on the Boxster cover once i had the GT3 body kit and Janspeed exaust fitted.
  6. also don't insist on tracker being fitted and are happy with janspeed exhaust and body kit being fitted.
  7. liverpool Victoria did even better for me and wern't put of by the body kit either.
  8. try. Performance insurance...0870 121 2911. performance Marque....0121 2480911 Tailored Insurance.com...01604 499799 Supercar insurance...0845 1202779 (limited miles to 5000 a year)
  9. do you think it will work better on the GT3?
  10. must get my Black Boxsters windows tinted for this to work
  11. i've been with tesco's for a couple of years and their quotes are alway's hard to beat . but this year liverpool victoria managed to knock over £100 off tesco's quote. so im going with them this year.
  12. Help, my insurence is due for renewal on my 2000 2.7 Boxster it has full (porsche approved) body kit and sports exhaust and i would quite like to start doing track day's. any idea's.?
  13. I've had three cars insured with Tesco's over the past 2 years, had no cause for consern. i double checked with them that any repair work that had to be done to the boxster would be done via a porsche recommended body shop. you can cut cost more if you opt not to have a replacement car while yours is being repaired.(if it's your fault)and if you have tracker fitted.
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