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  1. That is an excellent result - have often seen cars running around with dented bumpers and wondered if this method would work. like the localised cleaning though 😂
  2. Yes - you have to call them, then they pretty much repeat everything you have said to confirm the details are correct before they issue the insurance certificates - very 2019!
  3. Decent level of cover and a good premium - £325 for my 2010 3.4 S with an accident on each driver Worth a try - but one word of warning - once you sort the quote out online, you need to call them to validate - took me 45mins today as they are really busy. Not really good enough these days, but not the call handlers fault. I'm promised that they are a different team to those dealing with claims.... lets hope i never have to find out
  4. just checked on mine and don't appear to have those (987.2) - but there is some elastic straps either side which appear to tension in the inner head lining - could that be yours too?
  5. Yep, my wife did this to mine, really simple fix with replacement plastic ends from eBay - @chanlon1 I posted my fix and pics here; http://www.BoXa.net/forum/topic/78216-987-roof-broken-where-to-buy-parts/
  6. Not sure if this will be of any help, but replaced the drivers side rear mud flap today on my 987.2 This was my problem, the flap was cracked and filling up with dirt and road debris There are 5 Torx screws holding it in position, and ideally it would be a lot easier to do this with the rear wheel removed, but it can be done withthe right tools. Two fixings in the inner wheel well; Two further fixings underneath, one to the front and one located in the well and a final one located further under the car Of course I didn’t have t
  7. #pokeypokepoke - if i suggested Mrs Matt drive a C1 or similar she would park it firmly where the sun don't shine. Even my 17 year old son said no to a C1 - you really need to give her a car befitting of her superhero status @rowbos
  8. Are you sure?, perhaps we need @rowbos wife to confirmif a C1 lives up to her standards.....
  9. Mattman42

    Doors frozen

    @JohnK swears by this stuff too - its the only way he can get out of the gimp suit after a long weekend
  10. was the discount greater than the cost of the day though?
  11. Renewal time - Priviledge are current insurers want £740 - 2 drivers, 9 years NCD, 1 accident each (neither at fault) - best renewal so far is about £550 - trying NFU and Adrian Flux. More Than wanted 1550!!! Lowest quote was £445 with a black box - errr no! ????
  12. Lol - not seen one of those for a while I have PCM3.0 but don't have the aux ports in the console, just the 12V supply
  13. Thread resurrection! if you have PCM 3.0 fitted without the aux ports, can you DIY retrofit a usb or does it need the dealer? Is there a connector on the back you can just plug into or does it need software updates etc?
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