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  1. Hi Sazzy, Insurance on my 986 3.2s is due, and the cheapest I have been quoted (fully comp), with a compulsory excess £580 and no voluntary excess is £186. This is with quotemehappy (Aviva). Directline was £220 Mind you I am an old ?, so I guess that helps!!!!!! I am with Saga at present, but their renewal has gone up to £300.
  2. Hi Golfprorich, Thanks, I will attempt to glue my piping.
  3. Hi Golfprorich, What glue did you use to repair the split “piping”?
  4. My cable has broken, and I tried removing the cable but a small section of corroded cable was left inside the “piping”. Tried all sorts to try and get the section of broken cable out of the “piping” but it wont budge. Might have to split the “piping” to get the remainder of the cable out, but that will leave me with another problem to sort!! I guess these things are sent to try us
  5. Hi Sazzy, Excellent “how to”. I need to replace one of my tension ropes.
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