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    Does it have an engine? I'll take it!!
  1. Thinking about it, I'm sure Greig told me they have a limit of £50k on the cars value, so unless you're getting a very good deal on the C4S...........
  2. What about Liverpool Victoria? They seem to give good cover at good prices.
  3. £700???? DRB's as Geordie would say!!! I paid £140 through LloydsTSB for my gap insurance with a 3rd party, that I would be willing to guess is the same company that the OPC would use. As Geordie has been known to do, suggest they put new batteries in their calculator and try again!!
  4. There's many a thread on the subject of basic cars, opposed to cars with factory extras and the differing opinions of various insurance companies. Just look through the insurance section!
  5. I got my renewal in for my other car last week (Ford Focus) and was quoted £406 by DL (fully comp. business use etc etc) Did some surfing around and got a quote for £326 from Tesco Insurance. Armed with this quote I phoned DL today and laid it on thick about how I have ALL my insurance with them, house, Boxster, second car etc etc. The bloke started off by saying that DL give the most competitive quote to customers at renewal time, but he'd "see what he could do for me". Amazingly he then asked me to confirm I had my house insured with them, which I did. He put me on hold and them came back with....... £312!!! It turns out that when you take out a policy with DL from their web-page, you only get the online discount, which is maybe 10%, but it doesn't take into account the fact that I have my house cover with them, which seems to give you a bigger discount, so the moral of the story is, if you have house cover with DL, phone them and you're bound to get a better deal than the online quote system.
  6. Here's a better idea, lend it to Grant for a weekend!!!
  7. ...but he's only got 1 match Phil. Might look slightly suspiscious if the 2 were to burn together!!
  8. You're spot on, Tracker is only really for the insurers benefit. I for one wouldn't want my car back after some d1ckhead had abused it!! I'd rather have the money, including my gap payment and get a nice shiny new one!!
  9. Sounds like E-Sure's the way to go. Just a pity their ad on the radio is so bloody annoying - the one with Michael Winner singing "I love E-Sure, I love E-Sure!"
  10. How come? Have you changed anything? Reduced the mileage etc? Or is it like for like from last year?
  11. I had a conversation with DirectLine about my protected no-claims bonus. From memory it was costing me ~£300 for it. When I discovered, as some folks just here seem to, that a claim does not mean a return to a ZERO NCB, but a loss of 2 years. I asked them to quote me with 2 years less NCB than I do at present and it was ~£200 more! So I pocket the £300 and save it for a rainy, or in Geordies' case, an icy day!!
  12. Maybe you youngsters should get baby Boxsters until you're old enough to appreciate the real thing!!!
  13. No it probably won't make a difference to the premium, coz if you don't have one they won't insure you!
  14. I'm shocked you should even suggest such a thing!!! Thanks for the idea, andbody got a box of matches and a petrol can??
  15. Yip, got that. £149 one off payment at the start!
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