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  1. sorry to hear this Patt, hope you find something and quickly. It's a curse of modern living that redundancies are a fact of life
  2. Pinewood

    Bluetooth for my 987

    Great job!
  3. Looks a bit steep to me. My wife and I have a similar NCB to you, but the Porsche is 5000 miles p/a and we insured for £420 with £250 excess. Mind you it's our 3rd car and not a daily driver. Try LV
  4. Pinewood

    Optimised plate transfer ballet?

    For the old car: + put current plate on retention with DVLA (online and very easy) + get the new stock reg number for the old car and install plates to match (once private plate on retention, the web site will advise on mounting original plates immediately) + tell insurance the car is the same but the plate has changed. Do I need to re-tax on the new stock number for a few days while the car is in the process of being sold? (no need to re tax) For the new car: + use retention certificate to assign the private plate to new car and install new plates to match (again online, and it will say please mount this plate NOW) + tax and move insurance to new car (which now has the same plate as the old car) - yes Wrap up: + will the tax on the old plate simply wash through or do I need to stop and re-start it? That is, does the tax belong to the VIN or the reg? (if there is a refund due, then DVLA will send you that back, otherwise it will just wash through. New owners responsibility to tax the vehicle, as your contribution doesn't transfer over with vehicle) + send in the two V5C 'log books' with the different owners on (yes) I'm sure there are a few gotchas - anyone know what they are? What's the timing look like for all this? (if all above steps have been taken - around 7-9 days) Short of keeping the both cars off the road for a week or so while the machinations proceed, what's the legality / practicalities of driving while the tax / plates / insurance / ownership don't quite match up? (if you do these steps on line or find a satellite DVLA office - no issues regarding the law) click below - it's all explained dvla website
  5. Pinewood

    Aux Plug for ipod

    Seen these fm transmitters - and they work okay.
  6. Pinewood

    Aux Plug for ipod

    Glad you brought this up Matt. Our cars are similarly specced,but neither has the universal audio interface installed. My dealer said it's a £300 job to provide the kit, fit the cable and code it? The car goes in to be prepped tommorow, and thinking about coughing up to have it done before pick up day