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  1. 13 hours ago, Del_tl1000r said:

    Checked Fabsil Gold out. Gets good reviews. How much did you use?

    about a 1/3  of a litre as the fabric soaked it up. The last proofing was autoglym and a year ago. 

    Main thing is to do the roof in one go and pick a cool day / garage if you have one. 

  2. washed the car and roof

    vacuumed the roof and used a sticky roller to get off any remaining lint

    opened the roof, wedged a dust sheet between front edge and windscreen and closed the roof again. 

    kept a wet cloth close to hand for any splashes on bodywork or glass. 

    brushed on using a 2" wide brush. Instructions say keep a wet edge, and waited for a cool still day. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Del_tl1000r said:

    So my car is a 2009 with 56500k miles. Should I go to a specialist or a local mot centre for any work that is required? Just wondering how familiar they are with these cars as many of them will go to OPC then on to specialists afterwards then to enthusiasts completing their own servicing and repairs. I can do most jobs myself I've had plenty experience but I'm at the stage in life I can't be arsed to be honest. I keep it immaculate and garaged at all times. Probably the only thing I will do myself is the discs and pads when they need it.

    your car age and mileage is similar to mine. I would use an independant Porsche specialist to do all servicing and use a regular MOT testing station. The history and provenance is the key to selling at future date and getting the most back. The gen 2 engine is pretty bomb proof with scheduled maintenance 


  4. 37 minutes ago, t-leut said:

    Put a Porsche-decal on my spoiler... Still don't know if it's "cool" or "too much" ?

    Also changed my wheel center caps 😉 

    What do you think?




    I feel that space under the spoiler needs "something", but never make my mind up as to what exactly


    "road runner"

    "meep meep" 


    "see ya" 

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  5. SPH-DA230DAB has apple carplay and/or android auto 

    double din

    sat nav 



    all via your phone apps


    lots here (including me) have upgraded their 987.1 or 987.2 

    bose and non bose

  6. 9 hours ago, CAZ said:

    I remember being at a TIPEC “topless Tuesday “ event last year where I spent most of the evening chatting to @Pinewood and his son and we were discussing giving out cars an “Italian tune up “ as it’s good for them and helps shift carbon deposits and a TIPEC member came into the conversation and said “ oh where do you take it to get that done ? “ 🤣      

    I so wanted to say "The Autobahn"! 

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  7. It's a good looking car, but basic spec imo. The wheels are not period correct so were upgraded at some point. 

    Heated seats are a must and PDSL is a nice to have depending on your use. If just a weekend car, then good lights may not be a factor for you. 

    No steering controls, so does it have Bose, Bluetooth, aux in? 

    I would go take a look, if nothing else it will give you some valuable information when the right one comes along 

  8. 5 hours ago, Mattman42 said:

    i did the same, started looking at a 987.1 2.7, then an S, read all the scare stories and then extended the budget to get a 987 gen 2 with the DFI engine and PDK box - no bore score or IMS worries - just a slightly higher purchase price, but on the flip side, a lower road tax fee! One of the best cars i have owned, does everything you want from a sportscar and a little bit more.  I used to have a Mx-5 too - but had a proper one - the Mk1 with poppy-up headlights! 😛

    man maths makes it work! :)

    My story except the bit about the MX-5. My first convertible and absolutely love it 2 years on. Started with a budget of £10k but that soon doubled as I would lie awake at night worrying about IMS/borescore problems from the Internet 

  9. 15 hours ago, Cheddar Bob said:

    thank you for the welcome. Yes I live in a village just by Evesham. A chap in a blue Boxster waved at me yesterday.... *just checked and his is red. 

    Welcome, but his is blue. 

    I suggest you never wave back, stop to chat, or go driving with him 😂

    In fact, I suggest you move house! 

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  10. 1 hour ago, red rocket said:

    Most people use Renovo to dye the hood. Many, me included, use Polytrol on the plastics (you can order a small test pot for about £5 which will last years), but others use stuff from the regular care care suppliers such as Meguiars, Autoglym etc. No doubt they'll be along with recommendations shortly.


    This 👆 and chemical guys trim restorer. The AutoGlym range is also good and does well on plastics and trims.

    It's a constant battle with the elements and the amount I wash her though. 

    Covering or parking out of sunlight certainly helps (if you have that option) 

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