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  1. Just now, ½cwt said:

    My half cover solved the ice problem this morning. 

    Once I hit the road, 1 degree temps and standard tyres made it a bit squirelly off roundabouts... 

    Put the cover in the boot as that will be warm from engine heat. Helps dry them out

  2. 4 hours ago, Mattman42 said:

    Your budget should see you safely into a Gen 2 S - check out the dealers such as Ashgoods, Maundrells, 911virgin etc - now is a good time to buy

    Heated seats are a must

    Sports Chrono is also a must, especially if its a PDK, as it gives you Sport and Sport+ mode

    PSE would be a nice edition - or a retro fitted sports exhaust to give it a little more volume

    18 inch wheels are considered the best all rounder for comfort and agility, the 19's look better though! :)

    Extended leather gives the interior a nicer ambiance, but not a deal breaker if it has lots of other toys

    PCM Sat Nav is OK - probably not the most up to date, but will get you there. Look for one with AUX input if you can, but at worst its a £300 retrofit option

    I played a Jedi mind trick on @Mattman42and saved myself lots of typing 😂

    Speak the truth does he 👍🏽

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  3. From reading reviews, I would say exactly that John. A few mention scratches from the magnets, but only cover when those areas of bodywork are clean.

    I would suggest some detailing spray and few microfiber cloths to wipe down those areas the cover will come into contact. 

    As you know, I use a full cover. By cleaning first, have never had an issue with scratched paintwork 

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