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  1. As you say the service is every 20k miles and your not doing the mileage. 

    2 schools of thought. 

    A) you do the services for future car value as I personally wouldn't want to buy one without the appropriate service stamps

    B) Have annual oil change and perishables done by a good Indy, and document everything in detail


    Difficult one to call. 

  2. James

    A friend disconnected battery to add Bluetooth to his 997.1 and the heated seats stopped working. Dealer just cycled through the tests on a durametric and they started working again

  3. 3 minutes ago, Darkstar said:

    I can't do the work so will have to pay someone. I'm £138 down for the recovery and an extra £20 per night storage. I then need to get it to a garage, CPS. So £300.

    Next I need one alloy and possibly some suspension work. Then we get on to the front and rear bumpers. All from ebay. 

    Then I have a couple of issues I was informed about at its last service, engine mounts and rear anti roll bar. 

    Finally I think I will need a starter motor as it occasionally sequels when starting. 

    Oh yes and those tyres and a four wheel alignment. 

    So add it all up and I think a £3k budget is fair. 

    Forget it mate. £3k v possible £5k from insurer. Okay your premiums go up, but not that much. My wife totalled her Merc this year and it made a £50 difference on our family SUV, and the same again on the Boxster

  4. £2.8k  v £4-5k isn't a great deal when looking at cars. For that difference you can trade up from a 986 to something like @fat haggis 987.

    I would go that route personally. If you get the car back, fix it up and then feel like you did a while ago, i.e not driving it much .... What would be the point.

  5. On 11/1/2019 at 1:44 PM, Davey P said:

    I'm picking up my new (to me) Boxster on Wednesday, so I'm starting slow and feeling my way around on here at the moment.  Today I bought... a 1m length of heavy duty elastic, ready to sort out the known hood problem that was pointed out to me by an eagle-eyed member within minutes of me posting a photo on here.  Only cost 2 quid from Hobbycraft, in case anyone is interested  :lol:

    Bought some thicker stitching thread and longer needles for the same fix. Who knew Boxster ownership needed a GCSE in home economics 😉

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  6. 3 minutes ago, red rocket said:

    3 in the front iirc (just take off the plastc trim under the frunk lid and have a shufti). I thought 2 at the back but looking at that old post maybe 4 - stick the roof in service mode and have a look.

    Yes 3 in the front and 4 in the back.

  7. 18 hours ago, Menoporsche said:

    Which PCM, 2.1 or 3.0?  I don’t see if you have a 987.1 or .2. 

    If the older one, consider dumping it for a modern unit with Bluetooth etc. 

    I did and haven't regretted the upgrade. The PCM 3 is tucked away for reinstalling at sale time should the next owner wish original equipment

  8. 12 hours ago, Albeyo said:

    So today I finally got chance to do the crios exhaust mod on my 2.5 986, i was a bit sceptical about it as drilling your exhaust seems nuts but as it’s an old box I thought if I hated it I’d buy a new one,

    anyway Iv got x2 16mm holes in it now, it sounds quite a bit different at low revs, up to 2000 roughly, and a quick spin down the motorway confirmed no droaning thankfully! 😅

    So you basically have created a blowing exhaust?

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  9. Yes a PDK can absolutely be in the right gear and rev range as the car enters/exits a corner. It just does it in a different manner with less manual operation (clutch heel toe blip).

    Your dilemma is what value you place on that for the few occasions it's possible to play.


  10. specifically looked for a PDK as we both drive it. It can be many things dependant on the mood.

    lazy auto for her

    lazy auto for me

    sports auto is my preferred mode which allows maximum enjoyment of twisty roads, straight line sprints.

    Allow it to shift or flick the gear lever/paddles to give a manual-esq driving experience. The possibilities are endless


    sport + is pure hooligan mode and used sparingly.  launch control!


    Would I go back to pushing a clutch pedal ? NOPE  .... PDK for my driving style and needs is way better.


    P.S This reminds me of the continual debate over which is best ... 911 or a Boxster/Cayman 



  11. 4 hours ago, Greenman said:

    There is something to be learned....don’t put delicate electronic equipment somewhere it is likely to get flooded in the event of blocked drain holes.  This is what Porsche don’t seem to have learned despite years of people having such issues. 

    Obviously it’s always possible drain holes might get blocked depending on how the user parks/uses their car, but surely it doesn’t take a genius to mitigate this quite foreseeable issue.

    Agreed 100%

  12. Drive a few PDK's and see if it's for you. 

    A daily in traffic or a 3rd car purely for rural blasts on a Sunday?

    Divides opinion as to what is best, but personally I love it as it gives me a full lazy auto,  hooligan auto or ASBO manual without the clutch depress!

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