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  1. Can't remember if i blurred my car reg on the forum, but make a point of doing so on all social media. 

    It can be recorded on the street i know, but what's the chances some tea leaf has the exact same colour as mine and wants to clone it

  2. On 5/3/2019 at 12:07 PM, maheng3012 said:

    @Riyazcyeah i see that working for ppl who want to keep the single din but tbh my main intent was decent sound AND AppleCarplay. So the player was £200 and the install was another £176 all in (VAT). Not bad really. 

    Thats not a bad price for installation. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Irishcrx said:

    Speaking of the P crest, one thing I have absolutely noticed since buying the car is that people REALLY want to overtake me...not just on the motorway but anywhere and in a pretty over aggressive way I actually laughed at one last week it’s always modeos , Hyundai or something equally boring as well...

    Very common. The P crest switches something in people that don't drive one.

  4. 15 hours ago, Loz987 said:

    Have you noticed that it’s never 911 owners who give you shayte about boxsters? 

    Usually comes from  people who’ve spent more money to drive less car.


    Facebook is full of folks posting pictures of a 718 loan car from OPC when their 911 is in for a service. All i see is 

    "Not bad at all"

    "This thing handles brilliantly"

    "Great on twisty roads"

    "I need to look for one"

  5. Boxster prices hold up surprisingly well. They give 8/10 of a 911 experience for half the price. People have cottoned onto how good they are . We the forumites already knew 🙂

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  6. I paid £22k for my 2010 PDK S  with 49k miles last year , from a reputable dealer with 3 months warranty, full service history and a years MOT so £25k is strong money.

    Hope you get what your looking for.

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