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  1. Freeman

    Will it be covered?

    Thank you guys. I have already had a word with her and was told that she is very conscientious as she is aware of people and cars, so drives carefully ? yet she was apologetic a I was really angry (yet polite).
  2. I live on a private estate with a courtyard where we all park our cars. Each person owns his/her property and we all share the common grounds and the road. One of my neighbours drives a bit too fast and when on the roundabout always drives on the wrong side i.e. anti clockwise. Last week was the 2nd. time that we were very close to a head on collision when she suddenly appeared in the roundabout, driving the wrong way (vehicles approaching from our court yard can’t be seen as it is walled). So the question is; In a case of collision will insurance covers the damage? Thanks