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  1. Sorted mine now, through Adrian Flux (tried site sponsors but they would only give agreed valuation if I declared the car would be garaged every night at home address - and to be honest there are times in the summer when it's gonna be fine weather that I can't be bothered to put it away, so wasn't prepared to give that guarantee)... Only cost an extra £50 over my previous policy, but has agreed value, 1k miles more a year (5k as opposed to 4k) and the excess would be half price that Axa wanted should the worst happen - so happy with that.
  2. Thanks for replies chaps, Adrian Flux came back to me today with a better agreed valuation quote, only £48 more than my Axa policy last year, but with half the excess to pay as previous if a claim made 😀 will get a couple of other prices in from companies mentioned but bit of a no-brainer for such a small difference to switch to an agreed value policy
  3. It's renewal time on Boxster insurance and I'm mulling over switching to an agreed valuation policy, current with Axa (which is market rate) so wondering if anyone has an agreed value policy in place... So far it's only an extra £75 'ish on top, through Adrian Flux.
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