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  1. What a coincidence, you own a Porsche and are also on a Barbados travel group I frequent. So, this second job as a scamming piece of shyate, get much satisfaction from it?
  2. Been asked before, those that have more than 15 characters did so before the limit was imposed. Were they to edit now they would be restricted to 15.
  3. Apologies if this has been posted before. Thought it might be of some interest.
  4. Well what do you know, some pond dwelling, bottom feeding scum of an oxygen thief has joined our merry crew.
  5. Cheers. Air seems the best solution, getting access to it may require a bit of thought.
  6. No, it was quite a quick look as weather was closing in and I had nothing suitable to hand. Is something like this advisable to use? Bit wary of poking anything down the drain holes tbh. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Herco-Single-Trombone-Nylon-Brush/dp/B000K3E9KO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=trombone+cleaner&qid=1579044076&sr=8-3
  7. Having noticed a bit of condensation in the car over the last couple of weeks I decided as a precautionary measure to check the soft top drains. I'd already had a good feel around the carpets and there was absolutely no sign of moisture and to be fair my DD Corsa has been worse than the Porsche, but I felt it was worth doing for peace of mind. Please bear in mind this is simply what I have done to satisfy myself that the drains were clear. So first off all I opened the hood until it reached the point it was as far down as possible until the two side (tonneau?) flaps wanted to start t
  8. I'm around £580 per annum fully comp. for the 718 and my daily, a 19 plate Corsa Griffin. 10,000 miles pa each, Lynn can drive either. Aviva multi policy.
  9. Surely they had to warn you before automatically renewing though? In which case that is the spur to start doing your homework.
  10. Marks and spencer were doing the lowest rate around when I financed the bike a few months back.
  11. I took the PCP and paid it off a 6 weeks later. This was discussed beforehand during negotiations and indeed was suggested to me as a work around as my funds would not be available for 6 weeks. Part of the agreement was any charges incurred would be taken into account in the deal agreed which it was. This allowed me to get a new 718 they had just brought into stock rather than placing an order. The car was above my budget, I did negotiate a substantial discount though.
  12. I take it you have home start? Might as well be up front, gives them a reference point and don't think it will matter tbh.
  13. AA/RAC? Have a cuppa, go back out and methodically go back over everything you did. Look around the area, perhaps you have dislodged something nearby whilst you were working on the car.
  14. Any codes showing? Could try disconnecting the battery for 5 mins as a reset.
  15. Have you made sure everything is connected back up? Vacuum leak? Did you clean the MAF?
  16. I'm afraid the only answer to this is to put in the leg, or ear work. Comparison sites will give you a starting point. However there are so many variables in insurance that no one else's quote will be applicable to you. Re specialists, I have never had a decent quote from one, tried 2 for my 718 and they were absurd, but they are very competitive for some. I'd find the best quote from a comparison site, then ring the specialists to try and beat/match it.
  17. They went up a bit on renewal for me, 718 and DD. However neither other multi-car companies, or trying to insure the 2 cars separately, could get near them again. Think I'm circa £500 for the two, 718 F/C, mini TPFT.
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