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  1. They went up a bit on renewal for me, 718 and DD. However neither other multi-car companies, or trying to insure the 2 cars separately, could get near them again. Think I'm circa £500 for the two, 718 F/C, mini TPFT.
  2. Just noticed your avatar, your partner looks lovely.😎
  3. Try aviva, admiral etc. I'm about £550pa for the 718 f/c and a mini tpft with aviva, 55. GF down as a driver on both, bit younger than me.
  4. Cougars come at a premium mate.😀 Might be worth calling around a bit, see if you can get an explanation. Does your partner have a car also? If so try multi car insurance.
  5. I'm in the process of financing a new bike, Marks and Spencer loans at 2.8%. Previous loan was with Sainsburys at 3.1% There are some great rates at the moment.
  6. On PCP, up the miles pa. Yes your repayment a month goes up, final payment drops drastically.
  7. I must have had multiple mothers then.........
  8. Nope, a couple within £20-30 or so of renewal. I've never had a decent quote from specialist insurers through a car forum. Used to watch guys on MR2ROC, younger, less no claims, car modded etc get quotes far less than me, and no I don't live in a dodgy area.😉
  9. I could not get mine down at all, called them about renewal and zero movement on price, never had that before. After an afternoon getting quotes from all the multi car insurers, then getting quotes for insuring the cars separately, my renewal quote is my best option.
  10. Quoted me almost double my best quote.
  11. It will be correct lol, I could not believe it was only costing £48 a year more for a Porsche.
  12. Cost me less than £4 a month to change from the GT86 to the Boxster on my Aviva multi car policy with my mini DD. When I bought the mini and changed to Aviva I was paying less for it and the GT86 than I had been paying more than for the GT86 alone.
  13. Should leave enough beer tokens to attend the Scottish scramble then.😉
  14. I would try Aviva multi car, not sure if they would do the benefits though. I'm about £450 a year for my 718 and mini cooper.
  15. Erm, she didn't stop. Rightly or wrongly she was pursued for her details. Had she not been pursued, she was not stopping. Again, devils advocate.
  16. Incident happened a few days ago, so his wife has already left the scene of an RTC. Be hard to explain to your insurance why you contacted the police about an RTC, and not them. Simply playing Devil's advocate here.
  17. As I said, they're having the home address changes everything. Perhaps call and offer to pay half of the cost of his mirror, whilst admitting no liability, then pay through paypal? If they aren't willing to do that, either pay in full or tell them it is your final offer and that you consider the matter closed if they don't want to accept it. Might be worth mentioning that one of the chaps on here has a particular skill set that can cause some very serious injuries to vulnerable body areas and that if need be, you will get him involved. (ON NO ACCOUNT TELL THEM said member is @JohnK and that all the injuries were self inflicted.)
  18. As they obviously have not tried to contact you again, it looks like they have calmed down and decided to let it drop.
  19. Also, again devils advocate, was she legally obliged to stop?
  20. 50/50 means you both do nothing. I assume you would pay for his mirror if he quotes a reasonable price, for your wife's peace of mind?
  21. Dashcam in either car, witnesses? (His mate does not count as not independent.) If not, tell him to take a running jump as no way of apportioning blame.
  22. Thought my world had caved in 5 years ago when made redundant after 32 years, 6 months of hell in a low paid job where I could not cover my outgoings without having to dip into my redundancy payment. Then I landed a better paying job than my original with a better shift pattern. 6 months as a temp, then full time position. Being made redundant turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in my working life, bizarrely enough. Hopefully you will have the same outcome, my only advice is to take any job you can get, then from that position look to get back to your original level and hopefully that redundancy money becomes a bonus. Best of luck!
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