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  1. 7 minutes ago, Happy Days said:

    Ok, edit. "Porsche don't normally do discounts.

    BTW, I'd love to hear how you did that on your 718. From what I read, the only discounts available are on the 2.0 Macans that dealers took in for stock and were way over specced. The rest, Audi, Merc, BMW et al regularly offer discounts, up to 30% I have heard. But not been offered this personally. Mind you, we only have porkers in our house...

    I have always enjoyed negotiating for cars and bikes, my philosophy being they have one car/bike to sell you and there are others out there. 

    I had been in discussions with Wilmslow OPC over a pre-registered 718 and had an agreement in place subject to viewing the car. (We were flying out from Manchester on holiday, staying over the night before, and were going to view the car then.)

    I simply used this in the negotiation with Glasgow OPC when they informed me they had an unregistered Sapphire blue 718 arrive.TBH I was surprised that they were willing to discount and the salesman I dealt with was amazed the agreed deal got approved. I was asked not mention figures on forums etc, but quite frankly given I had heard many times that Porsche don't discount, I was pretty stunned at the deal I was able to strike, especially on a new, unregistered car.

  2. Carplay is far better than PCM, even in my 718 and it was a Porsche salesman that originally alerted me to that fact.

    Choice of google maps or waze for nav, works far better for sending/receiving messages etc. Overall just better.

  3. Jack Smiths in Swansea gets rave reviews from the MR2 roadster crowd, a new hood for the roadster is circa £300 supplied and fitted.

    Might be worth a call as I know they do other marques too.

  4. 7 hours ago, Menoporsche said:


    To which your reply should have been, "Not only do you smell slightly less p*ss stained than yesterday, you are wearing a nicer jacket."

    It's nice to be nice.😉

  5. 1 hour ago, 18greens said:

    So why are there no cars in the cars for sale section? They are all in the selling advice area.

    Probably because there is no way of posting in the cars for sale section.😉

  6. Utterly ridiculous state of affairs, DVLA know who you are, have all your car details, but still won't allow you to tax it, all this being no fault of yours.

    Absolutely scandalous. What if you need your car for work etc?

    This should have been sorted in a day. 

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