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  1. This any help? https://www.porschefinancialservices.co.uk/en/private_customers.html
  2. This worked well on the Borders run when I calmly and logically explained to Lynn that she had to relax and enjoy the drive. The specialist says the ringing in my left ear may lessen slightly with time. Oh, and I can no longer have children or pee straight.
  3. You should accrue NCB for each policy as far as I understand it. When I bought a mini as a DD insurance was high as I had zero NCB for it, as my NCB was being used for my GT86. As I understood it, I would build up NCB on the mini as long as I was insuring it. I've got the mini and Porsche insured on a multi car with Aviva, full NCB on the Porsche and introductory on the mini. Hope that makes sense.
  4. Yes. Had my GT86 FNCB and bought a mini as a daily driver. GT86 was £450 fully comp, more than wanted £590 for mini tpft as there is zero NCD on a second car. Switched to Aviva and paying about £450 pa for both on a multi car policy with 10,000 miles pa on both cars. I would try and get all 3 on a multi car policy, you can add each as the renewal comes up.
  5. My Aviva multi car policy is around £500pa, myself and gf, 2018 718 and 04 mini cooper.
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