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  1. It's a great guide, another thanks to @Sazzy from me too! However, I dismantled both sides (and had spare cables ready to go) only to find both my cables were fine. I considered replacing them anyway but was worried I'd make something that works no longer work! So I put it all back together and am going to replace the elasticated bands instead as I think that's the source of my problems.
  2. Knowing I was replacing them, I ended up cutting the old ones off with a junior hacksaw when I was struggling to unscrew them. Much easier! Hopefully not something you'll need to worry about again, though!
  3. @thefunkygibbon, it's not the biggest faff of a job I've had to deal with by any means, and having the ability to have my wind deflector back and secure when I have the roof down has made it worthwhile. Given the way my clip had broken, I think Sugru wouldn't have done much and I trust a mechanical fix more than - say - a duct tape fix for such a part. Wind deflectors are expensive to replace if they fly off the car! I got the clips from a seller of them on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Porsche-Boxster-986-Wind-Deflector-Fitting-Mounting-Kit/192232237665 They were basicall
  4. I had to replace the wind deflector clips on my 2003 986S, and took a couple of photos. Originally I documented it in my car's thread ( http://www.BoXa.net/forum/topic/78363-not-the-commuter-car-i-was-planning-for/?do=findComment&comment=1081195 ) but it'll probably get lost there, so Menoporsche suggested I put it here instead. There are other guides online to help do this, but maybe this'll be new & useful to someone... One of the clips for the wind deflector between the roll hoops snapped while I was trying to remove it. These things (though this is after I finished the job):
  5. That's great to know, thank you!
  6. Hi, @Sazzy. Just giving this a bit of a bump as I may need to tackle it this week. What adhesive did you use to put all of this back together? I saw mention of Loctite for the small bit of piping, but would that work for the whole job? Or did you get something more specialised? Thanks!
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