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  1. Knock for knock. Just ignore him. He sounds like a right 🔔 end driving in that aggressive manner to chase her down. Loads like him on the roads, unfortunately.
  2. Don’t they usually call it knock for knock in those cases? Any odds, make sure you’ve got a Dashcam.
  3. Ludacris

    987.1 key upgrade

    Deffo, mine had superglue on the innards from an earlier attempt to fix it. Also, I tried to get a transponder out of a third spare fob I’ve got and it was nigh impossible.
  4. Ludacris

    987.1 key upgrade

    I can vouch for the above. I got the contact details from Simon and sent my spare key, which was in a sorry state, to Matt. The service was fast and efficient and the product is top quality. It feels much more solid than the scrawny original item. I’m sending my other key to get done next week. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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