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  1. AdyG

    Bluetooth for my 987

    #Remodot Encouraging to hear that the support was good. 🤞I experience the same. I've sent a message to the seller and they have been back asking for more information which they now have. Hopefully something will come back tomorrow. From what I read its generally a good piece of kit. Here is hope 👍
  2. AdyG

    Bluetooth for my 987

    Hi, Not sure if this thread is still live? I've fitted a MR12VOLT today and no joy. I have a 12v permanent feed and earth at the plug where it goes into the unit but nothing? Should the Bluetooth led light up? I've messaged the seller but any suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers Ady
  3. Hi, 

    If you have some decals left can you let me know what I need to do to order some.

    Many thanks 


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