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  1. Thanks guys - loads of good information in there! That was from last September, so before the stricter testing was put in place - expecting it to fail so it's next on the list. I'll start off by getting the car on the ramps and looking at the condition of all of the pipes, not just the front-to-rear pipes that were highlighted by a specialist recently. Mine's had a "rear brake pipe replacement" at a specialist a few years back, so I'll dig in to what that actually means as well. Nothing ever been done at the front, so will check the state of the pipes in the wheelarches.
  2. Both my front-to-rear brake lines have corrosion on them. I need to get under the car to validate the extent, but it was an advisory last September and from the history of the car it seems they're original. In terms of replacement, I guess I've got two options (regardless of whether I do the work myself or not) - either replace the whole line or make a join and replace the rusted area only. I've got access to the chamfering kit required for the latter. What option have others around here gone for, and are there any particular points to watch out for? Thanks Matt
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