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  1. Just changed mine this morning. Just a note, the new mudguard was only £18 from OPC.
  2. Jonners

    987.1 key upgrade

    Glad you got it sorted without any issues. Did you get the transponder out ok, that was the bit I found the trickiest! Happy with the finished job?
  3. Thanks for the guide. On my list of jobs do!
  4. Jonners

    987.1 key upgrade

    No worries. Just take care removing the old parts from current key, you need the metal contacts for the battery which are a little fragile. Just take your time, watch the YouTube vids etc. You'll probably end up destroying your old key in the process, I did!
  5. Jonners

    987.1 key upgrade

    MagiDeal 3 Button Remote Key Shell Fob Replacement https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01I4P0IT0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_M85pCbZ6CXK3P
  6. Jonners

    987.1 key upgrade

    The new key shell came with a brand new one! Looks great.
  7. Jonners

    987.1 key upgrade

    I changed over my key last week. New one is so much better, feels great. Only tricky bit was removing the old transponder, seemed to be stuck in with a full tube of superglue! Got there in the end though and was well worth the effort!
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