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  1. WK... I asked a similar question a few months back on here and acted on the good advice everyone here gave me. What's the point paying bare minimum £300 for a cheap tracker then adding at least a few hundered on top of it, making about £500 absolute minimum, when you may only 'save' (believe that if you will) a couple of hundred on insurance by having it? It's just not sensible economics, and that's before you even consider the 'stolen, recovered' $hitty stick tarring it'll get if stolen anyway. My tesco quote this time was almost the same as my premium in 2003 - THREE FRICKING YEARS AGO, and i've got 3 years more NCB now. Ansewrs on a postcard anyone who can fathom that one out (apart from the obvious of 'prices have gone up'), AND they insist on a tracking device. I listened to all the other insurance suggestions and used Peart (0870 2402972 ), spoke to a nice chap called David Nelson, very helpful indeed (plus, no bull$hit 'your call is important to us yadda yadda yadda' etc). They brokered me my insurance with Royal Sun Alliance, the cheapest i found and NO TRACKING DEVICE NEEDED. Save the money on the tracker and spend it on something useful like yellow deviating stitching?
  2. Well, was gonna go with MHC straight away, but the finance check already conducted by the OPC things a bit complex...bit difficult to explain, but would need to wait a while (a few months) to let the credit check lapse then get finance with MHC.. this is a quieer life, and i get the car for Xmas lol.
  3. Yeah, all fair comments guys. It's a few pounds difference on the monthly payments, and it just makes for a quieter life. Definitely not BSing about build date, i've seen the stuff on their computer screens. And anyway, i'm not sticking to it, as soon as possible after i'm refinancing with MHC finance, the site sponsor; I've had quotes from Nick and it's a really professional outfit, he's devoted a lot of time to helping me out If it weren't for him, i'd probably have paid lots more, such is the love affair with yellow Boxsters
  4. Well had a call from the sales manager, and he's saying he don't know how the other OPC can offer base +2%, that they must be subsidising it. However, he offered a compromise, to meet me half way, so we're doing the deal at 2.25% over base rate. (note that's a little different than the 3.75% over base they were happy to sell me at originally... moral is, unless you squeak, you'll get shafted) So the deal is done, paid my 5k deposit and waiting till last week in nov or 1st in dec for delivery. Y3LLO will be back!
  5. I'm finding out today appearently... they match the deal and take my balance of the 10% and it's all good - build date is 11th Nov... And, I'll refinance with a 'new sponsor' as soon as possible after anyway. Watch this space....
  6. Tesco have been good, sure you need to hold while they consult the underwriter.. they class the 3.4S just like a 3.2S ultimately. The best quote I got was from peart.co.uk, they quoted me 1050 (4 yrs NCB [protected, with Royal Sun Alliance) with my extras listed too... I'll be going with them I think (thanks to whoever mentioned peart on here before)
  7. Just want to being you up to date with my finance problem.... i was going to use OPC mid-sussex to finance my new S, but after speaking to SuperSonic realised it's too expensive at 8.5%... Basically, my OPC would not match the 6.75% rate i'd been offered, only getting to 7.25%. Business manager told me bluntly that 7.25 was the best he could do (i'm smelling BS). I was gonna give in and take it, but i thought to myself "i wonder what other OPCs offer?" and emailed OPC Tonbridge.. got a reply saying "yeah, we'll match that 6.75%, not a problem". So told Mid-Sussex today, they either give me the correct finance deal. or I''ll vote with my feet and get the car elsewhere...why the hell should/would i want to get the same car, from the same Company, using the same finance house, but pay more???? (replies on a postcard please) Waiting to hear their verdict when the new car sales manager is in tomorrow - I guess they either want my business or not... we'll see
  8. Well Supersonic is to be applauded in my opinion. as he's done me not one, but two good turns now; first he made me see there's another way to using OPC finance and their stupid 8.5% APRs, and now, after recommending shortfallcover.co.uk, I'm gonna get my GAP insurance much cheaper than OPC prices. Keep up the good work SS
  9. Elephant = scumbags. Don't bother, wasting your time (look for my other posts about their sales reps)
  10. This is me being calm! Anyway, more than don't want to know me, Frizzell gave me a list of people unwilling to quote me. AA were 1200'ish but with a 700 excess. Looks like the business is goin to Tesco again (£1150), jolly nice people they are too. oh yeah sorry for placing my rantings in the wrong section... i get a bit excited sometime
  11. I'm so f'ing hacked off with this whole thing. Elephant can shove it, they're a bunch of amateurs who can't be civil even to a prospective customer (i'm used to being 2nd class once i'm already a customer!). They're scum and bad press goes a long long way, as mister-nazi-sarcastic will soon find out when i call their customer service dept in the am and report the date and time of his conversation with me...we'll soon see how his bosses like him talking to customers like that.. Anyway, i've actually altered my Box spec now cos i've had it... i was with the SportDesign trim kit, but unfortunately, the only way most insurance companies can classify this 'option' is by calling it a 'bodykit' and treating it like a wing on an Evo, and hiking up the price.. Basically i've removed this option from my spec now If only we lived in a world where common sense prevailed..
  12. Trying to get quotes on the S, and i'm at breaking point because of the t**t from Elephant.co.uk's call centre He tells me my 19" alloys, should one get damaged, would be replaced with an 18" standard factory fit alloy (he tells me, when i query this, that "you shouldn't get optional extras then should you", rather gleefully!). I ask "so they'd let it be repaired with one different type and size wheel and he says, gleefully again, "yep". Is this standard practice? No, not to get a t055er dealing with you when you try to get insurance, but that no extras are covered? This being the case, I'm not bothering with alloys! Anyone shed any light on this?
  13. Mmmmm, interesting stuff indeed...I've been watching and taking it all in... off to test drive a 987 @ Mid Sussex on Friday so i'll use all this to make sense of their finance deals...
  14. Tesco's for me too. I've been with them for a few years now and they're cheapest by miles. As i work for the beloved company, I get 10% discount too
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