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  1. Perhaps it was the value when I took the policy out (£40k) I also had 6yrs ncb and sp30...anyway Liverpool Victoria turned out good for me and not much more than the £760 quote I had from "More Than".
  2. I was insured with them for 6 weeks until they wrote to me enclosing M&S vouchers giving apologies for the glitch on their system...so wait for your letters in the post. There is another thread somewhere about their incompetence.
  3. ...so thats why they refuse to insure boxsters and other porsches
  4. I had tried A Manning who are so called 'specialist' they said it would be cheap if I excluded my wife, joined PCGB and agreed to 5,000 mls per year...I had to apologise for laughing
  5. What!! I agreed to insure mine through them last week as they offered the best quote for me by far (£760 fully comp with a SP30). I even confirmed it on the phone for my policy which starts today
  6. That is disgusting Proves that the insurance industry is so corrupt!! I'd rather be fully insured than get the big surprise should the unfortunate happen... I shall remember that when it comes to renewal time..mind you my current insurers asked me to list the options with no huge affect on premium.
  7. Not sure what that non-option cover means I've been with elephant for 3 yrs years and when i notified them of my change of vehicle the first thing they asked me was.."are you aware that you will just get the market value for the car?" no mention about fitted options. I just said provided i get full market value thats fine..i think everyone knows you lose value as soon as you drive off the forecourt but perhaps with the 987 a majority of its value is currently retained (due to waiting list etc.) God forbid but if i should make such a claim i would want the value of the car as if it were sold
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