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  1. Interesting you got an advisory for a corroded brake line, since toughening the test earlier this year it is now a major fail even with a friendly tester I've used for years....! I got mine cleaned up to bare metal with emery cloth at the clip under the passenger door and lightly greased it so the tester could clearly see the bear metal to get it through on re-test and have since repainted and greased it back into the clip both there and at the clip near the front left wheel.. I have to do the lines as good preventative maintenance now I know there was an issue but I haven't got a flare tool. Do you reckon it would be feasible to tackle this doing the whole lines front to rear on axle stands @Nobbie ? Also if you have the pictures?
  2. So cruise control retro fit complete in terms of physical work, just need to get the my indy for programming and hopefully all works. The instruction on this tread are pretty much perfect. As ever with these jobs if I were to do it again it would be much quitter but I estimate it to around 4 hours to do this work, I also ended up stripping out a load of wiring and modules for an after market tracker and a phone kit which slowed things a bit. Nicest surprise is that I didn't scrap any more crimps and the 4 that go into plug IV on the ECU just glided in unlike the dash connector and the 4 pin cruise control plug. Thanks for the fantastic write up @JonHoward42 , gave me the confidence to tackle it and the information made it relatively painless.
  3. Resurrecting an older thread, however I have found this a great resource material and along with some additional information in my 101 projects book and some input from @Richard Hamilton it gave me the confidence to have a crack at this myself even though the only auto electrics I've risked before has been head unit changes or fitting auxiliary spot lamps. I'll add to this post any useful tips I find as I go along under each section of the job. WIRING I have made up the loom in advance of taking the car a part using the advice from @JonHoward42in the posting. Notes so far is that soldering on the crimp terminals has to be done leaving minimal residual solder otherwise the female pins won't sit in the plug connectors correctly. After scraping on crimp terminal I decided to leave the connectors dry and trust my crimping. You don't need a specialist crimping tool (I used small long nose pliers) and I place the stripped end of the cable into the terminal and wrapped the two small end tabs onto the insulation first to secure it in place. Then by putting pressure at about 45° I stated to fold in the two terminals onto the stripped wire, then once both were folded 45° I crimped them flat on to the cable to complete the secure connection. In fitting the terminals into the cruise control plug for the stalk assembly I found a small blade screw driver handy to push the crimp terminals home so the cover clips home easily, took me a minute to work out why the cover wouldn't close but a couple of the terminals had not seated. I wasn't quite as thorough as @JonHoward42 with the fabric tape but I used insulation tape every 100mm/4" to bundle the cables allowing approx. 300mm/12" for cable for the dash connect cable free and likewise running the cable from pin 2 to fuse B7 in line with the others and then allowing a good long tail at about the pint it needs to dive into the fuse panel. Pic attached. Another tip is that I ran the cables over the top of a door to use a bit of gravity help to hang the loom straight as you pull the cables down whilst applying the insulation tape to bundle the loom. This would also definitely help if you do the full wrap in fabric tape. In terms of materials the VW cable is not essential. The crimp pins come as a strip of 10 from Porsche and to avoid further solder or crimp joints I elected to put a new terminal on a continuous cable from the ECU to the dash connector. You only need 9 crimp terminals to do the project this way so you have one 1 spare which I've used on the soldering test. I had in fact ordered a VW cable and a set of 10 male & female VW/Audi pins as well as the Porsche pins so as I haven't finished crimping the cables at the ECU end I have plenty of spares but we have 2 VWs in the family so may come in handy.
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