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  1. These are similar to the ones I run in mine...look really good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ralbay-Vision-Upgrade-Bright-1200LM/dp/B07G3TP92K/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=2pcs+H7+Projection+Fog+Light+LED+Bulb&qid=1564072732&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  2. I love the look now...especially with the LED Fogs in there too
  3. And that's fair I was too....but seriously its an absolute piece of cake. The hardest part is removing the cover of the plug, cut the cable tie off and have a fine flat blade screwdriver to hand. Exactly this......including step 5
  4. What do you need help with chap? happy to talk you through it?
  5. I dont think they do....never really paid that much attention....I am sure it's only when its dark.
  6. It wasn't too bad for me as I had the lower dash off to do the stereo fit. I did cut the cable tie off as it was too tight to allow the cover to come off....the "Follow Me Home" lights will only come on when the light levels are low besides they are only on for a max of what 30 seconds?
  7. Thanks to the original poster for this write up, its been useful for me installing my new Pioneer screen head unit.
  8. Many thanks for taking the time to put this up...while having the car apart to fit a new stereo i did this hack and it works perfectly! BTW If anyone needs any diodes I have a load spare as I could only by them in like a quantity of 10!!
  9. This always used to be the case on the old 911s Personally I would do this too I would not fancy driving with the space saver on the rear 😜
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