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  1. I had this fail just recently as the front spring snapped on the same trip , had to have it recovered , I took mine to revolution Porsche Danny called me after investigation and told me my ignition switch was toast , I had the same symptoms as no resitence when turning key , I had to stall mine for it to shut off, , BUT on the facelift cars the switch is more expensive , luckily he managed to source a used GC part for me for £95 which saved me a fair bit , Well done though on doing it yourself , there's something quite satisfying doing a repair on your own , if it had been just the £20 electric bit on the ignition switch I'd have had a go myself
  2. Try a quote without the PCGB membership ,
  3. I'd try LOCKTONS I'm with them and so is my brother in law , very comprehensive cover , mine came in at £300 all in with a host of benefits , 5000 miles , PCGB member gets a discount too Good luck Sam 👍
  4. Hi Rog , I'm an American citizen too with indefinite stamp , I have a UK driving license , I've never had any problems like yours and always disclose that I wasn't born in the UK , incidentally I've been here 49 years , there should be no discrimination just because she has a us passport unless she DOESN'T have a UK license , I had troubles adding my American uncle to my car policy when he visits me in the UK ,no such problems when I visit him though
  5. So after reading all this on the multi car , I gave Aviva a call , couldn't do a multi car online with more than 2 cars ,so had to call them as I wanted 3 cars and a van ,started with my daily a 2012 Hyundai I 40 estate , then added on 2004 boxster s then 1989 944s2 then my vito van .got to the boxster and was answering questions back and forth then she hits me with your excess for the boxster is £850 the Hyundai was £350 , I've tried admiral and they wouldn't do a car and van multi policy , so back to the original plan of separate policies , I'm with locktons for the boxster I'm gonna stick with them and add on the 944s2 if possible , I tried with the multi but failed .I'm 54 with clean licence and 1 claim 3 years ago ,break in on my van , 14 years NCD on 2 separate vehicles
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