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  1. Try A-Plan on here - I have protected no claims and took out the back light of a Merc in a car park last year when I was with E-sure (had 5 mins previously taken a phone call saying house sale had fallen through 24 hrs before due to exchange ) and just didn't see the car in my wing mirror blind spot - Merc claimed over £4000 in damage (the owners wife told me he was going to change it in anyway , so must have been on contract and claimed for everything as it was only the rear light - no paint damage ) ! I have a 2017 Fiesta as my daily and 2007 SE for fun - A-plan mirror my NCD and I pay £300 a year on the Box fully comp with 5000 miles and £320 a year on the Fiesta with 7000 miles.I also paid an extra £42 a year for total loss cover on the Box as they don't do agreed value,but do do open market value rather than book value and then then the total market loss pays out an additional 25% of the cars open market value if it is written off.
  2. If you get a second car A plan mirror your no claims discount - cost me £300 to insure the Box and £325 to insure the 2017 plate Fiesta
  3. My insurance went up when I got divorced on car and home & contents as well.
  4. Try giving A Plan a ring - look on the Insurance thread - just insured my Fiesta and my 987 SE with them - Fiesta came in at over £500 on the Meerkat as had a little ding last year but had protected no claims and didn't claim on mine and the Box came in at £230 before extras with A Plan and the Fiesta at £270 as they mirrored my NCD. Don't listen to the others, you are a lucky man - Cougars are a gift 😉Perhaps don't tell her you told the forum her age🙄
  5. Mirror my NCD and came in at £300 on the boxster with 5000 miles and including all the add ons and £270 on the Fiesta doing 8000 miles - very good considering Box and Fiesta not garaged and had a car park bump last year where I only took out the back light on a Merc - no damage to mine - £4425 !!
  6. That's good to know - as will hopefully be looking for a company to mirror my NCD when I find my car - seem to remember they were the cheapest insurance for my first car - a lovely and very black manta with blacked out back lights - used to get stopped by Mr Plod quite regularly because they thought the lights were illegal - always had to let me go because they weren't
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