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  1. Try giving A Plan a ring - look on the Insurance thread - just insured my Fiesta and my 987 SE with them - Fiesta came in at over £500 on the Meerkat as had a little ding last year but had protected no claims and didn't claim on mine and the Box came in at £230 before extras with A Plan and the Fiesta at £270 as they mirrored my NCD. Don't listen to the others, you are a lucky man - Cougars are a gift 😉Perhaps don't tell her you told the forum her age🙄
  2. Mirror my NCD and came in at £300 on the boxster with 5000 miles and including all the add ons and £270 on the Fiesta doing 8000 miles - very good considering Box and Fiesta not garaged and had a car park bump last year where I only took out the back light on a Merc - no damage to mine - £4425 !!
  3. That's good to know - as will hopefully be looking for a company to mirror my NCD when I find my car - seem to remember they were the cheapest insurance for my first car - a lovely and very black manta with blacked out back lights - used to get stopped by Mr Plod quite regularly because they thought the lights were illegal - always had to let me go because they weren't
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