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  1. I have found in the past to help locate and keep in place gaskets and such light items. Just a dab of grease to make it sticky and it generally holds them. Check that grease will not interfere with the parts in question , but in general it doesn't.
  2. The story is that the wife insured one car for use at work (private cars are not insured for work use unless you tell them) and added the other one to the same policy but without use at work due to the extra cost. The person at the brokers took it as being if you are not using the car at work you would not commute to work in it. Hence gave us a cheaper premium. They didn't tell us this and the wife didn't pick up the clause in the policy till she had a bump. The wife was in a total panic for a few hours, She now reads every thing thoroughly.
  3. We have two cars insured with them. Had a bump in one that had written into the policy not for commuting that we had not picked up on. They agreed that it was not feasible to have such a car not for commuting, they changed it and paid out. Sadly would not insure the 986 on the same policy and it was more cost effective to go with Saga. Benifit of being older. I Use them at work for vehicles and the main working Estate and they have always paid out when used. Nothing but good experiences and helpful.
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