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  1. ATM

    Battery charging

    This But as explained it is only relevant on newer cars which have added circuitry to detect if a charger is connected. They're supposed to alter the charge rate from the engine to make the battery life longer. I'm not sure how much difference this really makes. So on older cars just attach straight to the battery if you wish.
  2. Hi ATM,

    Can't seem to post a reply to your sale. I'm picking up a new 718 in December, do you know if these fit the new model?


    I'm guessing they will need new TPMS sensors.


  3. My cars are insured with them. I have been shouting about their cheap prices for a while now but no one seems interested. They can be troublesome to deal with as in I usually have to call at least 5 times to get through. They promise to call back but never do...
  4. That could come back to haunt you, especially now I have quoted you so it is there for ever You can get RTI [Return to Invoice] cover for 4 years. So then you can wait for 40 months before you write her off. Just make sure you have a good crash helmet on. It bet its harder than you think to deliberately destroy a car.
  5. How do we set up our own Brokerage?
  6. Excuse me sir. That guy is no muppet. He is an honest an genuine member of the driving public. I say we should applaud and not mock this guy.
  7. My cheapest quote last year was with Noel Dazeley so I'm currently with them. This year I'm thinking of moving to the site sponsors [depending on the pricing] as they can include track day insurance and I've decided its time I got my car onto a track and really stretched its legs / learnt how to drive it / got some use out of it other than for shopping trips.
  8. Just been reading this - thisismoney Bit you should be interested in to save you reading whole thing: More Than has one of the most generous protected no-claims bonus schemes. Customers who take out the maximum no-claims bonus protection can make an unlimited number of claims without losing their no-claims bonuses or seeing them reduced. More Than also guarantees that premiums will not go up as a result of any claims made and will not cancel a policy if claims are made.
  9. With 1 years ncb yours is probably about right ← All quotes were around 1500 so Noel Dazeley was vry cheap for me. Although they are difficult to get through to and you need to keep trying.
  10. I'm 1 yrs NCB 250 excess £1250 full comp agreed value 23000 and 12000 miles per year commuting and SDP with a claim for 14000 last year when I aquaplained into central resevation with Noel Dazeley.
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