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  1. The "good deal" is because I am 60 with full no claims, and the insurance is from SAGA - So, it's not all good news, ha ha!
  2. That's good news mate, and quite unusual these days. Customer loyalty doesn't seem to count for anything from what I can see. I can't imagine how mine will get any cheaper, I only pay £18 per month, so it's already cheap as chips
  3. Well, they've got to claw back all those 25 quid refunds somehow, haven't they..........
  4. I had a reply from SAGA this morning, which included this: We would like to reassure you that as the situation changes daily, we are keeping a close eye on how our customers are being affected and have been planning accordingly, based on our customer’s needs. At the moment, our priorities have been to maintain excellent levels of service, mobilizing 99% of our staff to work from home and have made a number of changes across our range of products to ensure we are looking out for our customer needs during this crisis, we are relaxing our rules on named drivers and providing additional
  5. I sent a cheeky little message to my insurer (SAGA) pointing out that some other insurers are offering a refund due to the Covid-19 situation, and asked if they are planning to do the same.... No reply received yet
  6. In the current climate, not giving NHS workers the same refund as anyone else would be a catastrophic PR disaster for Admiral, so I can't imagine that is going to happen.
  7. If that is true, there should be an outcry from the whole country. I'm not an Admiral customer, but if I was I'd be cancelling my insurance with them like a shot, just on principle. An absolute disgrace, given what the NHS workers have been through.
  8. I wonder if SAGA will be doing the same.............
  9. Just embrace it mate, try to forget what they stand for, and think of the lovely cheap insurance Now... let's go shopping for a DORO mobile phone... none of this touchscreen nonsense... (kill me now!)
  10. I insured my previous car with SAGA (VW Beetle) and when I changed to the Boxster I checked on confused.com. SAGA were not the cheapest, but the excess was a lot lower than anyone else, so I decided to stay with them. They were still about 3rd from the top, so not enough difference to worry about. I think the monthly payments only added about 20 quid as well, so a no-brainer to me. The only downside is... it's... SAGA, and therefore means I'm a lot older than I feel
  11. Nice one mate, it's always good to shop around every year, but the insurance companies rely on people not having the time or inclination to do it. There's no incentive to be loyal and stick with the same company any more. A very short sighted tactic from insurance companies IMHO. I switched to SAGA insurance recently, which means it's now official, I am old and past it (59, in case anyone was wondering). However, on the plus side, the Boxster only costs me £18 per month to insure, so it's got some advantages
  12. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) I am old enough to qualify for SAGA insurance (oh, the shame of it...! ), which means for the Boxster I pay just under £18 per month. Mileage is declared as 8000 per year, and excess is £150, so I think that's a pretty good deal. If I'd paid in one lump sum it would have been about 20 quid cheaper in total, but I prefer to spread the cost over the year. I've got 10 years NCD, with one claim in the past few years, but I have protected no claims. When I looked on Confused.com SAGA weren't the cheapest, but the few that were slightl
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