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  1. cant pm you, empty your box...cheers.

  2. I'm full of admiration for what you're proposing, but looking at the basic facts of the matter, your car was hit by another vehicle pulling out of a side road? By all means minimise the costs of repair but surely the other party or their insurers should be coughing up?
  3. You'll probably find that you won't qualify for any refund with only a couple of months to run on the policy. Depends upon the insurer.
  4. Much appreciated. Couldn't develop the enthusiasm to call them today.....I guess ultimately you get what you pay for!
  5. I changed to Admiral over the weekend. My existing insurer (AVIVA), wouldn't cover the 370Z which amazed me since they were quite competitive on the M5, so I had to cancel and start with someone new. Admiral with a multi car policy were dramatically the cheapest so I went with them. I have 11 years NCB on one car and 4 on the other. I have to say I didn't really consider the question of options. I made the assumption that they were referring to items not fitted by the manufacturer?!! Looks like I'd better give them a call in the morning. The 370Z has pretty much every option box ticked!
  6. I went with an Aviva policy via www.computerquoteinsurance.com It was around £100 less expensive than going directly to Aviva. My previous insurer, Hastings Direct, wanted £2200 for the M5!!!! The Aviva policy came in at £640.
  7. I joined Admiral about a month ago and now have their multi-car policy. I was asked if the car was standard to which I replied that it wasn't but that all options above standard were genuine Porsche and fitted from the factory - X50, PDC, carbon pack etc etc. I asked if a full list was required and I got a definite "NO". Their rep only mentioned that I'd get market value for the car and not my insurance value. Seems pretty clear cut to me unless they are taking the pi$$.
  8. Surely that's borrocks? I'm with Admiral and all that was mentioned to me was that I'd get market value ie. not necissarily my insured value which is fine.
  9. That's exactly why I would prefer NOT to have a Tracker fitted - I definitely don't want a car back!
  10. As far as I'm aware this is the same with most insurers. But, you can still provide a quote (or two) if you wish to use the repair centre of your choice - a Porsche Approved Bodyshop.
  11. Agreed. I specifically didn't want a Tracker.....try A-Plan or Admiral, neither requested a Tracker.
  12. Don't think I'd mention it. If it's queried then say it was like it when you bought it and you thought it was a factory fit option. I suppose it may be a little late for that now.
  13. Thanks for that Mark. Yes will definitely be a 996 C4. Sold the Box as I will be moving house shortly. When I have a new double garage will be getting one. Hopefully over the winter time. Since we last spoke you seem to have changed your car more than my underwear! Glad to see you have returned to Porsche! Best regards Dickie ← Your not wrong.....had a bit of a car crisis this year but love the 996. Saying that, loved the TVR to but my feet have been extra itchy! If I do change the 996 then it's likely to be for another one Actually I have just had 2 electric garage doors fitted, gotta love them!
  14. Thanks for your replies.....sorry this is a little late, just home after a couple of weeks away. Dickie....good to see you again. "Browsing for a 911 C4".....I'm very happy with the performance of my 996, I thought it may feel a little sedate after the TVR but (in a very different way) it feels almost as quick. I also think I made the right decision in going for the 996 over a 993, the look of the 996 is growing on me more and more. The 993 may be looking a little dated with the huge chunk of rubber around the wheels and the almost virtical windscreen
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