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  1. It may sound left field but for the past 5 years Saga has been the cheapest. Current premium £278 PNCB, 6k miles pa.
  2. Try here for help http://www.renntech.org/forums/topic/14539-lost-radio-code-post-your-request-here/
  3. Mine included legal cover but yours is still a good price?
  4. If that includes legal aid and PNCD that's a good deal.
  5. As the title states, so Saga send my renewal notice for a MY14 981 2.7, Comp with PNCD, 6k mile per annum spouse as named driver, 15 plus years NCD and both clean licences. Last year the premium was £260 renewal shows £337, a 30% increase. Admittedly I crossed the 65 age barrier last year but this is taking the p*ss. So I call Saga and speak to a very nice lady and express my concerns at the increase at the same time pointing out how long I'd been a customer, wife's car insured with them, house and contents etc and I didn't want to leave them. Away she goes to speak to supervisor and returns with reduced quote of £302. Thanked her but not prepared to renew at that price, still a 25% hike. I would look at Go Compare etc at which point she said they would match any quote I got as I was "a five star customer". Went to Go Compare and Admiral would offer same level of cover at £244, so with computer page open I called Saga and spoke with another very nice lady and told her the Admiral quote. Would Saga match it? She waffled on a bit about Admiral being 3* rated compared to Saga 5* but quickly confirmed Saga would match and better the quote by £1 so I renewed immediately at £243. Moral of the story, never accept the first quote and look around.
  6. OPC offered me similar deal with VW Finance when i bought my current Box. I was offered a £2k dealer contribution if I took out a £25k loan and was assured I could settle immediately after one month payment, and he was correct. All it cost was one months interest which TBH was low. There wasn't an early settlement penalty and you need to make sure this is the case if you go down this route. I'm sure others on here have used this offer.
  7. My understanding is that a SAC does not affect your insurance. A friend was recently served with the option of a SAC and it specifically stated "it will not affect your insurance". Honest John on Daily Telegraph has a lot of comments on this. If they try to impose a surcharge tell them to bog off and look elsewhere.
  8. Wazzer, that's precisely why Saga insisted the policy must be cancelled.
  9. My 987s was insured fully comp with PNCD with Saga for £243. My car was sold last weekend and the replacement 981 is not due until 1 March. Told Saga who said the policy had to be cancelled as it could not be suspended awaiting new car. I would receive refund on pro rata basis but subject to £40 admin fee as I was cancelling the policy! I pointed out I didn't want to cancel and wanted to remain with Saga for the new car. Saga came back and confirmed the policy had to be cancelled but they would waive the £40 fee and quoted £247 renewal for the 981. So very happy with Saga. Kevin G
  10. You've bought a 981 with no insurance organised!!!!! Sorry but that strikes me as more money than sense.
  11. I had similar problem last month when renewing my insurance as a no fault claim for my wife was shown on the Insurance industry database as a " fault claim". I rang her insurer More Than, different to mine, who confirmed that when an accident is reported it is "always" lodged as a fault claim until the costs are met by the at fault insurer's company. In my wifes case they had omitted to update the insurance data basewhen the other parties insurer had fully met all costs . More Than appologised and immediately updated the database and also contacted my insurer Saga, to confirm there was an error and the matter was speedily resolved. I suggest you contact your wifes insurer to check the position and get it sorted out.
  12. Car insurance renewal time makes me realise how quickly time flies. Last year I was moaning about the increased costs imposed for no apparent reason. This year the renewal from Admiral was almost identical at £424 for Comp with protected NCD. On advice I tried Saga who have previously refused to quote. To my amazement they quoted £250 PNCD with a lower XS of £350!!!! A very good result. I'm a much happier camper this year
  13. Also limited to 6k miles and wife always on policy, taking her off added 20% despite fact she has 2 claims in 3 years on her own insurance!!
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