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  1. You all must have great postcodes, as Im 36 with 7 years PNCD, no accidents, no points, no f*** all, and the best quote for my Boxster S was £800 when I had it!!
  2. Try eSure, Norwich Union Direct or even Porsche Insurance. Thats who Im with now as I beat them down in price for my car, with lower excesses as well)
  3. Tis strange, as my premium was £50 less after I added my missus and her points via 2 SP30's
  4. I'v been surprised over that last few days with insurance whilst looking for cover for my 996. I was with LV for the last year on my 03 Boxster paying just under £800 for me and 'Dangerbird' to be covered with her 6 points, PNCD, garaged, £500 excess. When I approached them for 996 cover they quoted me £1500, and they couldnt care about the extras. My best quote up to this morning was with Royal & Sun Alliance for 1050, for same people but this time not garaged, and with a lower excess of £400, but not PNCD. I called Porsche insurance (as advised by the stealer) who apparently have special deals with NU (dont they all), and they quoted me 1K for same people, overnight on drive (not garaged), PNCD and a lower excess of £350. Im not sure I can beat that ..........but I'll try
  5. http://www.carnet.co.uk/carlaw/home/general-speeding.html
  6. RMS replacement is covered by the Porsche warranty
  7. Look back through previous threads regarding Admiral\Elephant group and optional extras coverage. With a brand new car, you get a new for old policy from most insurers, so they replace your car with an exact replacement. With Elephant\Admiral, you get a base car, so you need to pay the difference to have alll your optional extras. In summary, there not worth it for a brand new car.
  8. There has been some discussion about just how comprehensive the cover is on the Porsche Warranty for cars outside the 2 yr manufacturer warranty. It seems that this 'extended' warranty doesnt have the same level of cover as the 'new car' warranty. Plenty discussion here on the merits of OPC extended warranty For the mods, im posting this link as the thread is far too long to quote
  9. Discs, pads & clutch friction plate = consumables, therfore not covered in the warranty.
  10. Yep Admiral\Elephant done the same with me when I aquired a second car, instantly gave me full NCD. Most other companies make you start at the bottom rung again.
  11. eSure provided me with a decent quote after I defected from Admiral.............however you need to be over 30....................so you should be fine Rog
  12. Riiiight, a bit clearer now then!! Is there any other Ins co's that offer TD cover on the std policy? Cheers
  13. I would think they will find it difficult to dispute any cover of the basis of this letter Perhaps ask to speak to the person at the bottom of the letter
  14. Greig posted a link a few months back clarifying that he *HAD* received a letter covering his track use....the picture has been lost however http://www.BoXa.net/forum/index.php?showto...681entry76681 I transferred my insurance last week to them as well, and was told it *WAS* covered for non-competitive track use.
  15. They quoted me £2.5K for my Boxster S when I was calling them round.... ended up with Admiral, then eSure as they covered the extras on a new car. JC, get it in writing that factory fitted extras on top of the base spec of the car are covered as part of your policy. Most companies only replace or pay out to the value of the std model, which as we all know, no-one has!! (Except maybe MDQ)
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