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  1. Have a look at the Thatcham website: you'll see that UK Boxsters are CAT1. Think the only difference between CAT 1 and 2 is the addition of the siren (my LHD only has the horn going off intermittently).
  2. I phoned them about this and a lady (In India, I suspect) said no problem. When I got the policy and sent back a note confirming the mirroring I got charged another £150 as they said I couldn't do this.
  3. I think I ran this option on the Boxster (but not the 996) to see if it would reduce the premium on it (if it sat outside here rather than spending most of its time up north) but it didn't make much difference IIRC. So the same result as you. PS Thanks Bob, I'll maybe give him a call.
  4. I can't understand why mine is so low -- is it the age of the car (1997/8) the fact that I'm becoming a geri (45) or what?
  5. Posted on Porschaforum to total apathy so I thought I'd try hear to see if anyone else has had lower quotes. Renewal quote for 996 from Tesco came in today at £802ish. Tried Norwich Union Direct (first port on renewal trawl) and with a lower £520 excess was quoted £531.99 !! That's for me plus partner protected NCD, £29999 value, 6000 miles, garaged, Glasvegas postcode. Cheers. PS with a £1020 excess the quote is £464. If I can get it for this I think I'll put the extra £300 towards a warranty.
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