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  1. Exciting Times Ahead

    Good luck with the expansion to the business Russ
  2. How To: Install Double DIN to 987

    You must have connected both head unit wires up to a permanent live, you need to run one wire to a switched live in the fuse box.
  3. rear wheel bearing

    Nut torque should be 460 nM which is 340 pounds, a garage had left my drive shaft not properly tightened and there was movement in the rear wheel after a couple of weeks.
  4. A company called Rhino wheels in Southport, they totally refurbed all 4 wheels
  5. I had a set of 19" diamond cut wheels refurbed for about £100 each. Your tyres are more expensive to replace so are you also getting puncture insurance ?
  6. Track day insurance

    I take out cover using Moris at around £110 a day. http://www.moris.co.uk/
  7. Home after 1115 miles trip around Scotland this weekend

  8. Ohhhh yes yes yes - a good deal

    I tried A Plan and AIB insurance which are both site sponsers. AIB where useless... I had to ring them back twice for my quote! A Plan where very helpful but this year Hastings Insurance are two thirds cheaper at £204 for the year plus a free MOT voucher, much better than a cuddly toy! I was really looking for a company which would cover me for the odd trackday as well but I think I will continue to take out separate cover with Moris
  9. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    There not on all the time, just when you put the light switch in the 'Home' position
  10. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    I would say there not as bright as most factory DRL's so shouldn't be dazzling to other road users.
  11. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    These are the ones I used:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-2-PCS-SUPER-BRIGHT-WHITE-4-5W-H7-H8-CANBUS-LED-CAR-FOG-LIGHT-BULBS-WITH-LENS-/201310586365? No errors, battery drain or filling.
  12. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    Is the diode the right way round? The sliver band marked end goes to the yellow/red wire.
  13. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    I've done this mod on my 987, but I wouldn't wire the fogs up so they stay on with the headlight. You'll end up dazzling other road user's.
  14. What age does the car have to be?
  15. How To: Install Double DIN to 987

    I'm up near Blackpool but thanks. Ordered the Anti-glare screen protectors for now.