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  1. Keep us posted - I'm interested in third party warranties at the mo...
  2. Here's one of my recent quotes... "Only stuipid fecking pikeys buy things from QVC" Got me in a lot of trouble at work that one...
  3. Those sort usualy decline to quote...So no like for like quote to compare...
  4. feking nightmare mate - hope it works out ok...
  5. I had a loaner when she was in last (rattle) and I had to cover the laon car myself. No charge with my current policy, but yes I would be well unhappy if there was and OPC wouldn't cover it!!! I was expecting £25 admin charge at least.
  6. A-Plan were about £800 FFS! Porsche - £650. Swift and Direct Line insist on a tracker. Adrian Flux are ~£50 cheaper than Sainsbury who I was with last year - I can recommend them they were good with the cover of various Porsche loan cars and when I changed from the 3.4 to the RS60 - no fecking admin fees...!!! OPC insist on you covering their loan cars these days - which is flippin' annoying if the car is in for warranty work and you do incur a charge from your insurer!
  7. A-Plan - miles owf... Adrian Flux looking good at £457.61 all in...
  8. Cheers, I do recall you got a crunchy deal from somewhere..
  9. Done the usual gofeckyerself.com and esure are looking favorite at <£500. Any other suggestions?
  10. Not to mention a few half decent lap dancing bars... Guess it's near Lap land after all...
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